#121. Floetry by JulietKego: Palm Sunday

Happy Easter
Beloved Isa,
When you entered our hearts
By way of Jerusalem, we knelt
by the roadside; laid down our palms…
Today, I am basking in the memories
of the eloquence of our sacred love.
TRINITY: I have loved all 3 of you;
Three persons inhabiting ONE being.
Son, the guileless love of my youth;
Father, the security of my seasons
and sire of my living, un-birthed seeds;
And holiest of Spirits, the conjurer
of the formless WORD into the formed.
All 3, each of you an alchemist of love.
You melt me, knead me, shape me,
burn me, weld me and mould me
into ecstatic, pure molecules of love.
– Cyber-hugs 💕

(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

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#120. Floetry by JulietKego: WAITING FOR A KING

Anna Daughter of Penuel Poem by Juliet Kego

Floetry by JulietKego: WAITING FOR A KING

[For beloved Anna, the daughter of Penuel, of the tribe of Asher].

Passion and pain.
Love and heartbreak.
Sunny skies and rain.
Kpangolo and gold.
Broken and then whole.
My life traded and sold.
The longing on your face,
etched in linings of my soul,
all of time cannot erase.
Streaks of tears, more tears.
I find you, seven years of joy
and in the same breath,
I weep with the loss
of letting you go
Bereft. Widowed.


Steeped in stirrings
that shamelessly show
as stains of pooled heat
in damp, hidden grooves
Burning and then cold
I cannot touch myself.
I live untouched.
In the centre of my life
a gaping, gasping hole
The seasons roll
one to the other.
And now, I am old.
Seven by twelve seasons;
Eighty-four years old.
Pray. Fast. Offer. Wait;
Waiting and longing.
Till one day, I behold him
in the temple and I live again.
Aye, this love, beloved Isa,
the passion and pain
via dolorosa;
’tis the way of our cross…

(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

#111/114. Floetry by JulietKego: A Bouquet of Poems

Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

I found a bouquet of Earth’s 7 poems
resting on my doorsteps
One for each layer of creation….


The air in Judea came alive
with perfumes of your poems
fresh, humble hibiscus,
giving, gazing gardenias,
wise izoras, pink thorny roses
Just a hint of flirty lilies,
a wisp of zany zinnias,
a smiling sunflower,
all laced up in a vase,
filled with the aromas
of your presence, Isa
I am aunt Elizabeth,
John and I danced
In joy when you came


I inhale a fragrance of your words
and exhale secrets from my heart
I hear the soundless echoes
of forgotten names of my soul
and the universe whispered
gently back to me
mysteries of the tastes and
innocent beauty of you;
In seasons past
and in lifetimes to come
And I, a virgin took you in


I touched your garment
in the unfolding petals
and in faithful, sturdy stems
pricked by your crazy thorns
piqued, for I see all our hues
the mad mystery of you and I
caught in this bouquet of love
I heave, I sigh, shaking my head
Dreams collapse, reality in its stead
I am a woman healed;
a heart’s hemorrhage ceased


Sleep floats away
Words take her place…


A bouquet of your poems
I inhale their perfumes
Spicy, sweet, sharp,
Stinging, soothing,
The dams burst and
I curl up and weep
I am Martha at your feet…


Like a sardine of songs
Packed into the spaces
Of a scattered mind
Their oils pour out
Spilling into and staining
My wall-less nights and days
Fingers cannot keep up
With the flood of words
I am drowning here
In an angry storm-sea of love
I am the lady of Magdala
Watching you, nailed to the cross,
My sweet saviour, BEloved lsa…


I should have engraved
Your poems only
as temporary tattoos
on my forearms
Now I find your image still here
Deeply entrenched,
Permanently etched
Into the walls of my heart
I am Veronica’s heart
You engraved your face in me…


And I cannot get you out
of the linings of my soul
Unless love ends;
or I cease to breathe
Confused, I pause;
I inhale; I decide to live
I exhale; I choose to love
And so I know
That I shall carry you around
All the life of my days
Like a mesh of beautifully
knotted, stirring, aches
I am Bethsheba, cleansed anew
As I bathe in the light of your love…


Sleep floats away
and love takes her place.


Today, BEloved ISA
I woke up to the sounds
of 7 poems weeping in my heart
Their tears, a reminder….
(C) Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

#115. Floetry by JulietKego: Walking with Angels

Have Faith

Floetry by JulietKego: Walking with Angels

Dusk looms,
I bear the weight
of the wait;
I seek an answer,
one sign from thee;
Should I continue to share
the WORD that set captives free?
So easy to misconstrue
this message of love,
so tempting to discard,
this light from above.

I will step out tonight
and walk in faith.
Lead and guide me
for your own namesake.
It is cold and I am lost
in the warmth of night-walking;
All ‘ s quiet, nary a sound, no talking

Just humming
to the sound of my soul’s
silent strumming;
Hips swaying to the melody
of an internal, eternal song;

The cool breeze’ s blowing,
these limbs are showing
no signs of slowing.
I look up at the stranger across,
with a heart set in a deep frown.
Tired and weighed down,
also asking for a sign.
Confused at my flashing smile,
I see the unasked questions
and so I nod and answer
‘I am walking the way,
the way of the cross.

Come walk with me,
let’s walk the lone road
but not alone…. ‘
I witness the moment
awareness dawns and
surrender occurs.
The stranger moves

on and joyfully skips along,
the path clearer now,
no longer dark and long.

Suffering ends, in comes the signs:
healings and cures.
I look up at trinity’s light,
seeking a signal:
should I go on,
should I prepare or
should I simply stop?

I go on and behold Samuel,
sitting by an *Angel’s side.
I sought a sign and was blessed
with three from thee!

And so now, I walk on,
doubts gone and shackle-free!
I watch my fear disintegrate
as I inhale your gift of crisp air.

Indeed, we all walk the lone road
but NEVER alone!
By love are we bound
and in this love are our
buried miracles found😀

(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

#112. Floetry by JulietKego: I Miss You…

Missing You

Floetry by JulietKego: I miss you

I miss you
Like a litany of prayers
And a string of curses
I miss you
Like a harsh plea of mercy
and a gentle provocation
I miss you
Like the heavy monsoon rains
And crackling harmattan winds
I miss you
Like Via Dolorosa;
the path of pain and passion,
‘Tis truly our way of the cross

I miss you
Like a tourist lost in Jerusalem
Re-tracing paths once walked
I miss you
While meeting the people you touched.
Stirred by the imprints of your essence….
You who linger on wherever you go,
Long, long after you’re risen and gone.
I miss you
Finding you on the sidewalks,
Deep in David’s mountains,
in vine-less valleys and open fields.

And I miss you,
Like a perfect nail to a cross
I miss you
Like John misses the Jordan
I miss you
and that child-like joyful laugh
How it tingles all over my form.
I suffer, beloved, you suffer.
I rejoice, you beam with joy
I miss you
Like Fatima misses her chaplet
I miss you
Like the nuns miss their habit
I miss you
Like a new bride misses her bindi
And I dance that I found you
still here, nestled within my heart
Oh how I missed you, Dear Isa
My crazy, pagan, child of God et al…

(C) Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido


Juliet Kego Ume Onyido Speaker trainer Poet Poem AkwekeA Poem for every woman who waited and for those who wait still…

My grandmother,
your great-grandmother
whispered words of wisdom
that I did not understand
and I threw them away
like worthless grains of sand..

And I, Akwéké
waited for you; my unborn
but you never came
seasons changed

the rains into arid air
little boys grew into warriors
maidens into sages
and yet you never came.

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#75. A Letter from Yonder


Adorable Adaora, Adanneya, Adannaya

Keeper of my future, daughter of my heart

I pray my words, wrapped in the winds

Blow gently and find you keeping well

I hear your legs are beginning to swell

All that kicking is bound to take its toll

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