#RandomMusings On that matter of letting go and living YOUR Life!

Fearless living

You wake up one day and you stop worrying…..about everything and everyone. Things you can’t control? The crappy stuff from other people? Opinions and judgments that you didn’t ask for? You look at life and say Fu*k it! I’m just going to LIVE. Period! My way. Period! Do me. Period! No explanations. Period!

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#ANA Review 2015. Editorial Note: A Summing Up By Richard ALI

ANA Review 2015

[Culled from the Facebook Page of Richard ALI]

Editorial Note: A Summing Up By Richard ALI

[ANA Review 2015 will be published on November 13]

Writing this Editorial is a historic undertaking for me, beyond the mere pleasure of it. It commemorates the anniversary of the Association of Nigerian Authors convention at Abuja, four years ago, when I was elected Publicity Secretary [North]. In the last four years, I have crossed this country—from Birnin Kebbi to Port Harcourt to Jos—in the service of Nigerian writing. I have also had my proudly Nigerian passport stamped at Nairobi, Entebbe, Kigali, Paris, Frankfurt and elsewhere in this same service, for which I dedicated my travels official and unofficial.

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Floetry by JulietKego: (16 to 30) of 77 HAIKU & SENRYU Verses.


16. Feast

Drink of my nectar
Thundering sighs tease my thighs
Open me up. Feast!

17. Friends

A harmless button
A line in guileless wonder
A new beginning.

18. Hugs and Kisses
Gift me with a hug
Your face in my neck; inhale
My lips on bare chest.

19. Fusion

Let’s be crazy now
Soft skin to hard, hot to cold
Passion as our muse

20.Dance of passion

Darling, dare to dance?
Hypnotize me in deep trance
Pierce me with you lance.


#21. Kiss Me

My face in your hands
A quiver full of kisses
Tongue to tongue.


#22. What if?

What if you exist?
A rhetorical question.
And now, here you are!


#23. In Exhalation…

I inhale your words
And exhale epiphanies
Poetry’s oxygen.


#24. Via Dolorosa

The way of the cross
I am Veronica’s heart
Imprint your face here.


#25. Awakened

For decades I slept
They tried to bring me to life
You called my soul’s name.


#26. Lost and Found

This is the story
Of a lost pilgrim of love
Who found her way.


#27. Star-crossed 

We may never meet
Our stars may never collide
And yet we shone bright.


#28. Knock; Knock

Reality knocks
Do not answer her door yet
Hold me for a while.


#29. Dancing with gods

They will remember
That in the life of my days
I danced with a god.


#30. No Walls

You taught me this truth:
God is not in walled spaces
No walls. No locks. Here.


(C) Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

JJC Feat. Kate Henshaw – “See Us Now”: A song and prayer of Vision, Hope & Change.

“See us now, dem say we go fall but now we’re standing tall. See us now, dem say we no go rise, but now we don dey fly. I BELIEVE, we can do better….”

JJC, thanks a lot for this song and prayer. Can I just say, Kate Henshaw absolutely nailed her part. And I want her colourful dress…divinely beautiful! 🙂

#UBUNTU I’ve had this song on replay all day.

#106. Floetry by JulietKego: Burial ( A Dirge for my Homeland)


Floetry by JulietKego: BURIAL (A Dirge for Naija)

She, who wears her heart
on your flowing dashiki sleeves
must learn to take it back and tuck it in,
into the zipless tight bands
of her ill-fitting, adire maxi skirts.
She, who dances egedege in innocence
under Delta rains,
her teardrops mired in mascara,
the mud rippling into rivers of truth
must learn to climb Udi hills;
mountains of amorphous Olumo rocks
steeped in sin in amorous layered Lokoja
And then cleanse her skin and soul
In Niger-Benue sister-rivers and Nike lakes.
Let the Jos plateaus set a table
filled with a sumptuous, bitter buffet,
call the rejects, the heartbroken
lost in the vineless, silent Idanre valleys
let us celebrate a love that breathes not
and as she sleeps on in coma;
prepare to pull the plug.
Give a befitting burial to Africa’s heart
and when robin birds sing a dirge
we will lower her non too gently
to the weighted arms of Nne,
the Mother Earth.

(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

Floetry by JulietKego: 15 of 77 HAIKU & SENRYU Verses

#15. The Climb
Lost in a plateau
We cannot climb the mountains
Love’s legs got tired.
#14. Paradox
Hot taste of your spring
The winter of your cold heart
Strangers and Lovers.
#13. RACE
We will both outrun.
The shadows of love’s sunsets
Chasing our sunrise.
Save the last verses
I will wait to hear your voice
When I’m seventy
Stirred and burnt
I felt licking flames of love
Magic and Madness
#10. Goodbye
I feel your distance
I taste your goodbye kisses
I hear hearts breaking.
#9. Falling in Fall
Burnt-Orange, Brown hues
The colours of falling leaves
Season of our love
#8. Reflections
You are my mirror
I see the promise of me
Reflected in you
#7. Letting Go
Your fingers laced hers….
Your lives meshed together.
No room for me here
#6. Unlocked
No locks on my door
A hole where my heart once was,
Nothing left to steal.
#5. If I Die in Baga
Do not bury me
Here in Baga, they kill us
And spit on our graves.
#4. Home
Delta to North-East
mothers hold their daughters down
to be raped by fathers.
#3. Thirst 
I’d have died of thirst
Then drank you; prayer potion
You brought me to life.
#2. Blown up Hearts
In their broken hearts
They found many ticking bombs
All shattered with love…
#1. Witness
I was standing there
When dusk kissed dawn in goodbye
My leaves soaked their tears.
(C) Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

#115. Floetry by JulietKego: Walking with Angels

Have Faith

Floetry by JulietKego: Walking with Angels

Dusk looms,
I bear the weight
of the wait;
I seek an answer,
one sign from thee;
Should I continue to share
the WORD that set captives free?
So easy to misconstrue
this message of love,
so tempting to discard,
this light from above.

I will step out tonight
and walk in faith.
Lead and guide me
for your own namesake.
It is cold and I am lost
in the warmth of night-walking;
All ‘ s quiet, nary a sound, no talking

Just humming
to the sound of my soul’s
silent strumming;
Hips swaying to the melody
of an internal, eternal song;

The cool breeze’ s blowing,
these limbs are showing
no signs of slowing.
I look up at the stranger across,
with a heart set in a deep frown.
Tired and weighed down,
also asking for a sign.
Confused at my flashing smile,
I see the unasked questions
and so I nod and answer
‘I am walking the way,
the way of the cross.

Come walk with me,
let’s walk the lone road
but not alone…. ‘
I witness the moment
awareness dawns and
surrender occurs.
The stranger moves

on and joyfully skips along,
the path clearer now,
no longer dark and long.

Suffering ends, in comes the signs:
healings and cures.
I look up at trinity’s light,
seeking a signal:
should I go on,
should I prepare or
should I simply stop?

I go on and behold Samuel,
sitting by an *Angel’s side.
I sought a sign and was blessed
with three from thee!

And so now, I walk on,
doubts gone and shackle-free!
I watch my fear disintegrate
as I inhale your gift of crisp air.

Indeed, we all walk the lone road
but NEVER alone!
By love are we bound
and in this love are our
buried miracles found😀

(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido