Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

juliet-kego-ume-onyido-redBio: A.k.a “The Reminderist™” – BELoved Pilgrim of Love, Wife, Mother, Poetess-Story-teller, Weaver of the Spoken-Written-Sung WORDs, Leadership Trainer, Financial Literacy Coach, Life Connoisseur, Entrepreneur, Social Enterprise Catalyst, Belly-Dancer, Advocate for Women & Girls, Student of the Sensual Arts, World Traveler & Citizen, Spiritual Seeker, Adventurous Soul, Beloved of and in love with the LIGHT!

Co-Creator with God; created with love, moulded in love and redeemed by love. LOVE is my Master-Frame! Amichi is my hometown, Lagos (Las Gidi)- born and bred. Nigeria: my beautiful, beloved motherland and Canada: my amazing, adopted homeland. Shalom and welcome to my world!

Here, we unlock, dance and flow to the fun, sacred, mystical, magical rhythms hidden between words! And you may sometimes find me at http://www.wholewomannetwork.org

I also love to explore multiple dimensions of knowledge: #CognitivePsychology #BehaviouralPsychology #NeuroScience #NLP #Psychotherapy #StrategicIntervention


Juliet ‘Kego
I’d love to hear from you: julietkego@gmail.com
[ Follow me on Twitter: @JulietKego; @wwnetworkAfrica | Facebook.com/julietkego]

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