(9 of 77): Conversations with an African Grandmother

Conversation #9 of 77 from the Short Story Series:
“Conversations with an African Grandmother”

Grandmother: Adaugo! Adaugo!
Adaugo (In a very sleepy voice): Eh nnem, I am coming Grandmother: Nwam, I hope you had a good night’s sleep? Hurry up, have your bath, eat breakfast fast and accompany me to visit mama Ikenna

Adaugo: Nnem, isn’t a bit too early to be visiting anyone? Grandmother: You know mama Ikenna and her theatrics. Her son Ike, came this morning before the first cock crow to wake me up. Your grandfather did not find it amusing at all and warned Ike severely. First he asked him if anyone was at the point of death? When Ike replied in the negative, my Batram gave him a tongue lashing and lecture on how young men of today don’t respect the sacred hours that the body needs…

Adaugo (Smiling broadly): Nnem, everyone knows grandpapa doesn’t like anyone disturbing your sleep. He’s always complaining to mama and uncle Jaja that the townspeople bring all their problems to your doorstep.

Grandmother (Laughing cheekily): Woman to woman, you know a man is fully awake and standing early in the morning.

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#13. The Night the Soldiers Came.

“The world is waking up to Boko Haram. More than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped from their classes last month remain missing. A car bomb in Abuja on 1 May killed at least 19 people. I live in fear of Boko Haram. The group’s insurgency began in Nigeria in 2009.” ~Kyari Mohammed, Teacher, Yola, Adamawa State, North East Nigeria (Culled from Guardian Africa, the guardian.com, 05/02/14)

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A Tiger’s Heart (Part I)

-A Short Story….

Jaya pulled the pillows harder over her ears. It didn’t stop the pounding headache, neither did it muffle the grating, unrelenting chiming of the doorbell. She finally surrendered and looked up to her ceiling in exasperation. In a loud enough voice to warn her sleep robber, she exclaimed ‘Who on Earth is at my door at this time of the day? All I want is some peace and quiet’!

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Welcome To My World of Floetry!

IMG_8718-2Welcome to my world of poetry, aka my La-La land! 🙂 I’ve decided to stop being lazy and finally start collating all original poems I’ve written from high school till date (that’s a period of over 25 years)! To all my family and friends who’ve always encouraged me to do this, I say a big ‘thank you’!

A special, heartfelt thanks to my sweetheart and husband, Charles (Azuba Iddo), for being a man who truly loves the Lord, and a source of inspiration. (Thanks for breaking my heart, healing it and now keeping it safe and whole).

My beautiful children -for caring, being original and teaching me new worlds and unique experiences every single day, my wonderful parents for their faith in me, unconditional love and years of patience in keeping all those scraps of papers with my illegible scribbles and most importantly shaping my core model of the world and for anchoring my faith in a loving creator and in humanity!

To my loving siblings, especially my beautiful, generous and strong big sister for doing my share of the household chores and cooking while I day-dreamed! To aunties Kate and Rita (Madam Arunne), for simply, always being there and having my back, my grandmothers-Bridget and Margaret, for being unapologetic about standing in their power and reveling in their femininity, my mom-in-law, Josephine Onyido (RIP), for teaching me about the strength and power of inner-self, my in-laws, especially Akunne (RIP), for being being solid rocks of support.

To my sister-friends, especially the FGGC O’sha family and in particular -Eukay, UK, Chichielle, Elimma, UG, Doreen, Nwaka, NG, Evo, Chika, Yejide, Obie, FiFi, Diana, Aijay, Pearl, Ify, Ifeh, Jane, Joan, Marylou and RaRa….for urging me on to take the leap and most especially for their generosity, faith, loyalty and never letting up! Also, a huge thank you to my amazing, charismatic, incandescent mentors Nina Jean Perez, for the gift of unconditional love…Mary Okobi (RIP), for making a little girl believe that she could dare live her dreams and most importantly, for ‘getting it’!

And finally, to all the unnamed faces and strangers I meet every day, in the real world, cyber-world and in dreamlands, those sacred souls, who gift me with their stories, their secrets, their pains, their triumphs and their dreams, I salute your courage and treasure your gifts of friendship, of connecting, sharing, healing and finally letting go so that you can co-create your new destiny with God. To every little girl who dares to dream, to find and use her voice, c’mon let’s dance the beautiful dance of life together!

A grateful heart ‘n’ thankful spirit,

Juliet ‘Kego

P.S: My dream is to put up at least one poetry post per WEEK, so help me God..lol! So hopefully, by the end of each year, my goal is to have at least 52 poems on this blog!!!

P.P.S: Do you feel any connection with any of my poems? Does any poem resonate with you? …I’d love to hear from you! I wrote some of them as a teenager, so they’re like precious little ‘babies’ to me 🙂 Cheers!