Floetry by JulietKego: Ha! Your Laughter

Dear Lord!
(A pause, a pun, an exclamation)…
I hear traces of thunder
In your laughter
And one day, I will write
Your laughter into words
Capture how your larynx opens
Like an unfolding petal to my sun
How your throat swallows up my air
As it convulses in mirth,
And on your cheeks
Unformed dipped-in dimples
Struggle not to cheekily crinkle
As hot and cold air whooshes out,
Condensing into droplets
Washing my body-soul-spirit
Like vibrating rivulets of rains
And I become Earth’s wet centre;
A pulsating core of the universe.

One day I will write
Your laughter into songs
And share how the sounds
Please my awakened ears-buds
The hair at my nape tingle
To the breath of your mouth
And my feet itch to break out
In ancient, sensual dance steps
How I feel the world is giving me
A thunderous hug and applause
‘Tis like I win a precious prize,
(A love-lotto)
Every darn time you laugh
And in your timbre, are hidden
Deep notes to remind me,
That I am of you, and you are in me.

One day I will write
Your laughter into poems
Each line depicting the melodious
Ringing like a rumble in my chest
The synchronized undulating
of my under-belly
The layers and verses peeled
With each rhythmic rhyme of life
Your laughter lifts and shifts cranky clouds
And soars like a phoenix ascending
To the vibration of all that was,
Is and will be, eternal…

Someday, I shall write
Your laughter into chants
And it will flow like a warm river,
Whose liquids form a litany of psalms
I shall sit around the banks
With mortals and angels, and attest
To the bellowing bells and wind-chimes
of waves of praise-poetry you evoke
Salutations of worship songs,
The springs of lyrics flowing,
Sighing and saying;
“I am thine and you are mine,”
And in that soft silence,
Everything is fine.

(C) Juliet ‘Kego

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