#ANA Review 2015. Editorial Note: A Summing Up By Richard ALI

ANA Review 2015

[Culled from the Facebook Page of Richard ALI]

Editorial Note: A Summing Up By Richard ALI

[ANA Review 2015 will be published on November 13]

Writing this Editorial is a historic undertaking for me, beyond the mere pleasure of it. It commemorates the anniversary of the Association of Nigerian Authors convention at Abuja, four years ago, when I was elected Publicity Secretary [North]. In the last four years, I have crossed this country—from Birnin Kebbi to Port Harcourt to Jos—in the service of Nigerian writing. I have also had my proudly Nigerian passport stamped at Nairobi, Entebbe, Kigali, Paris, Frankfurt and elsewhere in this same service, for which I dedicated my travels official and unofficial.

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#37. Love’s Call

Day 21. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

lovePoem: Love’s Call

(Inspired by the movie ‘The other end of the line’).

A phone call across oceans and continents

I am flushed in strange feelings and sentiments

Lost in the hypnotic patterns and inflections of your voice

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#31. And the Heavens Kissed the Earth…

Day 15. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: And the Heavens Kissed the Earth

Heaven on Earth Dr Wayne DyerAnd in the sacred hour

When dusk and dawn meet in new-found delight

The heavens opened her arms and enfolded the earth

And he kissed her and held her close

The stars shimmered with unshed, sparkly tear-filled eyes

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#21. LIFE! A series of moments.

Day 5. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

LifePoem: LIFE! A series of moments.

Until you know, you do not know

You can only do that which you do know

So open up to the world all around you

And keep looking until you find the answers

The answers are buried within you

If you dare to look past the walls and tear yourself

Away from the self-imposed prison around your soul

Clear the cobwebs and the fog of fear, arise from the pitiless hole

The hell of today becomes paradise with a single step

So take action, just a single step forward into this vision

Drink this moment in. For all of life is a series of magical moments.

It is not the events themselves that matter, you see

It is your attitude more than anything that’s key.

So act on what you know now, and give it everything you’ve got

There’s power in focus, action and positive thought

Your transformation is not a sudden big bang,

And it is not an instant genius stroke from a magic wand,

Rather, it is simply a journey each day re-started

A gradual, sometimes painful, not-so-graceful, long walk on a path uncharted.

And above it all, I must confess, it is the most beautiful process

With each step you behold the light within as it beams

And become more of the being you were created to be.

You are an original with different gifts that you must plant as seeds

For there’s something unique inside you that the world needs.

In this moment, pause, take a life-breath and embrace your purpose

Yes, indeed, life is merely a series of NOWs.

All of life is indeed a series of moments.

Your purpose is to live every moment

And make sure that each moment counts!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

#20. Decades of Laughter, Decades of Tears…

Day 4. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Decades of Laughter, Decades of Tears. Kego Onyido








Poem: Decades of Laughter, Decades of Tears…

Decades of silence, decades of tears

Decades of merely existing, shrouded in fears

Decades without music, decades without dance

Decades of passing through life in a deep, dark trance

Decades of hiding, of lying and slowly dying

Decades of crouching in shadows instead of flying

Decades of pain, moments, we thought lost, never to be regained

All rolled into this glorious moment, with everything reclaimed.

Decades of new beginning, decades of living

Decades of rising into a new-found awakening

Decades of laughter, mingled with healing tears caressing soft lashes

Decades of joy, of gaining mastery of life’s tranquility and her clashes

Decades of opening up, welcoming change and embracing

All that we are, were and will be, as truly phenomenally amazing

Decades, when finally, our inner light

Defeats the darkness and shines so bright

Illuminating our path, as we become one with our essence

And lead ourselves into our new-found magnificence!

Today, as you behold these words and read these lines, slow or fast

Celebrate your new decade unfold, a life of love, laughter and joy, here at last

Dear sisters, simply BE and BEAM: Be Everything And More!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

#17. A Lover’s Sonnet

Day 1. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

So I’ve taken a leap of faith and I’ve decided to participate in National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), so help me God! 🙂

April is National Poetry Writing Month! NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is back! To participate in NaPoWriMo 2014, write a poem each day this month.  NaPoWriMo is an annual project in which participants write a poem each day in April. It unfolds in the tradition of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, held in November) and motivates, inspires, and engages poets of all levels, genres, and backgrounds. NaPoWriMo was founded by Cheri Lucas Rowlands. 

Poem: A Lover’s Sonnet

I seek you and long for you as I would the very best parts of me

Let’s discover this rhythm between us, and learn its sacred dance

Take me in, deeper and deeper still, into your mysterious trance

I feel you, always, in the lingering caresses of the flirty windy breeze

Let’s ignite our passion, unleash its fire and ice, this power to melt and freeze

Today let us fight as lovers do: and as I writhe and moan, pierce me with your lance

Against the fury of the outside world, let us battle to give this love a fighting chance

Joining our voices in unspoken prayers, for grace on our love to reign true and free.

Breathe with me, lay with me, and hold me for a fleeting second or

Gently, firmly, chain and bind my heart to yours, forever and a lifetime

Reach out and touch me, across dimensions of distance, space and time

I see you clearly reflected back at me through my soul’s mirror

As I inhale your spirit and wait for a heartbeat and a sign

And feel that age old ecstasy as you gently exhale mine.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

This is dedicated to the open-hearted and broken-hearted, to the lovers and the gamblers, who dared to give love their all and always choose to love with even more abandon after every fall! May love always find you willing, ready and open!



Welcome To My World of Floetry!

IMG_8718-2Welcome to my world of poetry, aka my La-La land! 🙂 I’ve decided to stop being lazy and finally start collating all original poems I’ve written from high school till date (that’s a period of over 25 years)! To all my family and friends who’ve always encouraged me to do this, I say a big ‘thank you’!

A special, heartfelt thanks to my sweetheart and husband, Charles (Azuba Iddo), for being a man who truly loves the Lord, and a source of inspiration. (Thanks for breaking my heart, healing it and now keeping it safe and whole).

My beautiful children -for caring, being original and teaching me new worlds and unique experiences every single day, my wonderful parents for their faith in me, unconditional love and years of patience in keeping all those scraps of papers with my illegible scribbles and most importantly shaping my core model of the world and for anchoring my faith in a loving creator and in humanity!

To my loving siblings, especially my beautiful, generous and strong big sister for doing my share of the household chores and cooking while I day-dreamed! To aunties Kate and Rita (Madam Arunne), for simply, always being there and having my back, my grandmothers-Bridget and Margaret, for being unapologetic about standing in their power and reveling in their femininity, my mom-in-law, Josephine Onyido (RIP), for teaching me about the strength and power of inner-self, my in-laws, especially Akunne (RIP), for being being solid rocks of support.

To my sister-friends, especially the FGGC O’sha family and in particular -Eukay, UK, Chichielle, Elimma, UG, Doreen, Nwaka, NG, Evo, Chika, Yejide, Obie, FiFi, Diana, Aijay, Pearl, Ify, Ifeh, Jane, Joan, Marylou and RaRa….for urging me on to take the leap and most especially for their generosity, faith, loyalty and never letting up! Also, a huge thank you to my amazing, charismatic, incandescent mentors Nina Jean Perez, for the gift of unconditional love…Mary Okobi (RIP), for making a little girl believe that she could dare live her dreams and most importantly, for ‘getting it’!

And finally, to all the unnamed faces and strangers I meet every day, in the real world, cyber-world and in dreamlands, those sacred souls, who gift me with their stories, their secrets, their pains, their triumphs and their dreams, I salute your courage and treasure your gifts of friendship, of connecting, sharing, healing and finally letting go so that you can co-create your new destiny with God. To every little girl who dares to dream, to find and use her voice, c’mon let’s dance the beautiful dance of life together!

A grateful heart ‘n’ thankful spirit,

Juliet ‘Kego

P.S: My dream is to put up at least one poetry post per WEEK, so help me God..lol! So hopefully, by the end of each year, my goal is to have at least 52 poems on this blog!!!

P.P.S: Do you feel any connection with any of my poems? Does any poem resonate with you? …I’d love to hear from you! I wrote some of them as a teenager, so they’re like precious little ‘babies’ to me 🙂 Cheers!