#FloetryByJulietKego: A Night Out With The King.

Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido Poet A Night Out with the KingAn invitation to dine with the King?
With wonder we all fall on bended knees.
Here all that is of darkness flees
Bring out the box with a baguette diamond ring
We shall adorn ourselves to enter his holy place
Do we put on precious pearls and silken lace?
Do we bath ourselves in red rubies of fires?
Or in our stunning, sparkling sapphires?
Do we come with heavy hearts, bare and open?
With sealed souls now ready to heal and awaken?

Will the radiance of light in our spirits
rival the rare diamonds on our wrists?
Will we wash off sweat & suffering from daily toil?
And anoint our bodies with holy scented oil?
Do we bask in the aroma of frankincense
as we dare to enter his holy presence?

Oh! Come ye, rise,
strong sons & daring daughters of destiny!
Aburo mi Ayo!
Yaya ta, ki yi murna!
Umunnem Anulika!
Weep not, but rejoice!
For tonight, we shall raise our voice
and in joyous ecstasy dance and sing
The darkness dissolves as we embrace his light
Like Hadassah, our hearts adorned in finery and glory
We choose to show up daily for a night out with your King!
Today and everyday, we birth and live a miracle; a new story.


(c) Juliet ‘Kego (A Collaborative Piece /N).

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