#116. Floetry by JulietKego: BE A MAN; because boys don’t cry?

BE A MAN; Because boys don’t cry?


A broken mantra-hymn
Chant it, feed it to him
Command him
To be a manned-robot:
“Be ye Strong,
Son, you can do no wrong
Mask your heart sore
Be soul-less, Ego-more
Like an erection
Be all cold and hard
Screw up your balls
With nuts of macho steel
Choke on that man-pride
Fears are alien; so them hide
Swallow, piss out tears un-cried
Be a man; who says boys cry too
Or have their hearts broken in two?”


Yes sisters, on golden pedestals
Raise him up high like Baal, your King
Build a burn-fire, form a worship ring
Disrobe of your common sense
At his feet open up your petals
Pour your fluids laced with incense
Bind him to breasts; shackled, seduced
And when the suns of your sin melt
His faux gold-covered shield, pelt
Him with curses, as he is reduced
To the lost boy you fed a poisoned lie:
“Be ye Strong,
Son, do no wrong
To be vulnerable is weak..”

And now behold your god of man,
all broken up and sick!


(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

#115. Floetry by JulietKego: Shattering The Silence

Shattering The Silence

Shattering the silence; For R.

The glass case splintered
And I thought her heart
Would break apart
Into nothingness
From the clawing
Lugubrious loneliness
I was here, there
And I was afraid
Of the quaking raid
I did not show my fear
It was a lump of brick
Choking me
Like a forced prick
Just before my throat
Raping my mouth; Killing me

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Poetry Verses by JulietKego: A Chandelier of Glassed Dreams

#POETRY #RandomMusings: Sometimes, do you feel like floating up into the skies, languorous, lazy, living without conscious thoughts and worries? Certain, with an inate knowing that everything will align perfectly for your own good? That nothing is an accident rather all of life is synchronistic in it’s poetry? …

Today’s is like that. I see only beautiful people and stories all around me. It’s like all the ugliness that exists in my world are being washed away by fresh, cool rains and all the deepest, dormant dreams are springing forth.

Like I died and was crushed into a tiny seed, buried into the ground and suddenly, I can see myself from afar, watering the earth with exhilarating tears of joy, watching me bloom with love and new life. And in its wake a new type of CLARITY births!

Have a fabulous Sunday and week ahead y’all. No matter what storms you may face, know that this too shall pass. Embrace the storms, so that when you tell the story, it will be done with a keen awareness of everything you felt.

To feel deeply; sadness, confusion, overwhelm, passion, pain, anger, hurt, guilt, shame, freedom, shadow, light, love and joy…and to finally realize that this ability to feel and connect is one of the greatest gifts of humanity.

Perhaps, it is from this gestalt of emotions that vulnerable sacred spaces emerge so that we may create indescribable beauty and treat one another with compassion, empathy and forgiveness, even when we hold space for accountability, responsibility and surrendering. So channel it all and CREATE! ~ Cyber-hugs, < JulietKego | The Reminderist™

A Chandelier of Glassed Dreams -Floetry by JulietKego