(9 of 77): Conversations with an African Grandmother

Conversation #9 of 77 from the Short Story Series:
“Conversations with an African Grandmother”

Grandmother: Adaugo! Adaugo!
Adaugo (In a very sleepy voice): Eh nnem, I am coming Grandmother: Nwam, I hope you had a good night’s sleep? Hurry up, have your bath, eat breakfast fast and accompany me to visit mama Ikenna

Adaugo: Nnem, isn’t a bit too early to be visiting anyone? Grandmother: You know mama Ikenna and her theatrics. Her son Ike, came this morning before the first cock crow to wake me up. Your grandfather did not find it amusing at all and warned Ike severely. First he asked him if anyone was at the point of death? When Ike replied in the negative, my Batram gave him a tongue lashing and lecture on how young men of today don’t respect the sacred hours that the body needs…

Adaugo (Smiling broadly): Nnem, everyone knows grandpapa doesn’t like anyone disturbing your sleep. He’s always complaining to mama and uncle Jaja that the townspeople bring all their problems to your doorstep.

Grandmother (Laughing cheekily): Woman to woman, you know a man is fully awake and standing early in the morning.

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