#FloetrybyJulietKego: The Season of My Love


In the season when I first loved you
I swear I heard a sigh from the lady rain
as she wept non stop, (unlady-like), out loud
I guess from the fullness of your man cloud
Perhaps like me, she could not contain
the sight of your beauty-powered grace

I saw the once saucy sun smile shyly,
turning her pretty, shiny, dimpled face
Away from the glory of your light
as she hid beneath the cool, cheeky moon
I saw a bevy of stars dance like shadows
under the heated blanket of the peeking night


Lightening sheathed the sounds of thunder
Their fires crackling the quietness of the sky
I saw how flowers coquettishly fanned open
the pulsating pink petals of their nakedness
Hmmn, as if to lure you in, secretly seduce you
into their beguiling valley of soft quicksands


Tsk, even branches batted their long-stemmed
lashes of leaves, and fell at your feet in a swoon
The lonely dead trees in the gardens awoke
seemingly stirred to life at your touch, and
re-rooted themselves firmly in your manhood
I saw snow’s fair skin covered in a rouge blush


The universe brazenly circled your majestic form,
sizing you up, longingly wanting to swallow you up
And the hurricanes cooled their tempest speed
Stopping amid their unleashing, as if stunned
by the guileless wonder of your presence
or perhaps they caught a whiff of your essence


When I first saw you, my breath became winded in turmoil
Nothing in my ordinary world remained the same,
even older and wiser mother Earth, flared her hips at you
as if finding a new centre of gravity for me in you
Beloved Yeshua, these seasons when I first loved you,
have no name, no shame, no blame, no end, and no beginning
Aye, ’twas simply this; a season for love and for loving…..


(C) Juliet ‘Kego 

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