Random Musings: An Affair with Mr ‘Quito


African Proverb Mosquito

A Love Salutation: ‘An Affair with Mr Quito’ by  Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

My love affair with a certain cool Mister Mosquito, in Las Gidi was like no other. Some love affairs you remember like no other! I met him by chance on my very first night in the city. He awakened my auditory senses. He croons a lilting, husky lullaby to me every night. At first, the sound of his voice irritated the heck out of me. I tried to raid him off and he came back stronger. Almost as if he was immune to my sprays and re-coil. 

I guess some things slowly and stealthily grow on you. I call him ‘Quito for short. …my tall and lanky handsome Bobo (though his friends claim he’s grown some flesh since he hooked up with me). He teases that he feeds only on my love and blood! That ours is a forever kind of love; by fire, by force.

Our relationship flourished the moment I stopped fighting his advances and simply gave in. He claims to love my skin; calls it radiant, supple and fresh. Says it’s easy to recognize me even in the dark. He’s a sweet talker, My ‘Quito. I fear I’m beginning to believe his love. Pray, tell, who sings love songs to his woman every single day?

The signs are everywhere. He follows me everywhere; from my home to hotels to workplaces. Even when I’m hanging outside with childhood friends. How he devotedly showers my body with soft, shy, fleeting kisses.

Sometimes, in play I try to brush him off, but he’s very clever, my lover. I wake up to see he’s left me with bright red, love bites from head to toe. Almost as if he wants to brand my body for himself alone. Yes, he could be irritating and often leaves me drained and awash with helplessness and stress. But there are good sides to him that tickle me so.

Those gbegboruns and tatafos whisper in their side talks that he abuses me and say I should shake him off. What do they know about loneliness when my generator is short of diesel? Who will keep me company and protect me on those hot, lonely nights when NEPA, abi PHCN, strike? Who’ll inspire me and unleash my creativity? You see, he keeps me awake at night and helps birth my stories and poems…

I will surely miss him when from Lagos to far Toronto I go. Especially the familiar sounds of his husky, sing-song voice. I pray I don’t go away and find myself down with fever. A love like this can make you sick, I’m warned. Only time will tell if I’ll ever be immune to his charms and kisses. Fare thee well Mr. Mosquito, I’ve had quite the adventure and I already miss you so!

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
(All rights reserved).

4 thoughts on “Random Musings: An Affair with Mr ‘Quito

  1. Wow! What an interesting flash story! What a perspective! What a love life that Mr Quito has with us all who breeze in and out of this unusual city that never ceases to draw us back into it…however much we try to keep away

    Thanks for this piece Juliet. Though it is 5 years old, I only discovered it a few minutes ago and it made my day


  2. Oh, Mr Quito. Oh, Unsolicited Love. A forbidden love we have contracted with you. Here you are, around us, like you are homeless. Buzzing over our ears like a busy bee. Sucking bloods out of our veins like a gluttonous vampire. You’re killing us! Mr Quito. Will you please leave?!


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