#76. Brassière


Warcoal Red Bra PoemWarcoal, Warcoal,

I’d never expected

You’d fit snugly so!

Caressing my skin

in tan nudes, whites, reds

and dark colours of charcoal.

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#75. A Letter from Yonder


Adorable Adaora, Adanneya, Adannaya

Keeper of my future, daughter of my heart

I pray my words, wrapped in the winds

Blow gently and find you keeping well

I hear your legs are beginning to swell

All that kicking is bound to take its toll

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#74. And she called herself Adaeze; daughter of the KING!


In her girlish fantasies, in all the fancy books she’d read

From everything she’d been taught, in answers she’d sought

She’d never dreamed that it would ever be like this.

She was ill-prepared for the shock of the very first slap!

Fisted palms, desire-laden eyes, wicked tongue and dirty lies

Strangled by loving arms, a hot passion, now colder than ice.

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#73. Celebrating Death

Sometimes, we must have the courage to allow the pain

of losing a loved one flow naturally through our being.

Embracing death brings about a deeper healing

when we surrender and accept to let go of spirits gone

Know that their work here on earth is already done.

Let the mourning complete its cycle and season

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#72. Let it Break! Let it Break!

Let it go! Let it break! Let it break!
Let your heart break into a million pieces.
And in the crevices in between you’ll find
the lost pieces of your spirit and soul;
Those long-forgotten and innocent parts
filled with a pure incandescent beauty,
deep compassion, empathy and meaning.
Revealing the sublime power of a broken heart.

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#70. I am the WORD.

On air; in mid-flight,

In between travels; in transit,

On the bus; in between bus stops.

In a lift; in between space and time.

Jejeli, minding my own business,

and then other people’s business.

Gbeborun, overtly and covertly,

politely and rudely eavesdropping,

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#69. Of Murphy’s Law and Mmuo Nso’s Law

They tell me about science

of logical, rational thinking:

of Proofs and Evidence,

about Principles and Theories,

on Thesis and Hypotheticals.

And with it, they try really hard

to explain the mysteries of life.

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#67. And We Bore Witness to a Birth and a Death…

When they’re cloaked, they do seem so far apart.

But today, I saw them both seated

side by side; a birth and a death.

Different, yet same, when unsheathed.

And in the sacred, solemn hour,

down the corridors of death,

in a room with walls dark and grey,

we sat and held cold, feeble, tired hands.

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#66. Today, Rise After Yesterday’s Cries.

Yesterday, did you stumble, did you fall?

Are you uncertain about the looming ‘morrow?

Well, today’s ’bout celebrating joy and not sorrow.

If the world tries to bring you down,

Set not your beautiful heart into a frown!

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