#RandomMusings by JulietKego: On Jim Nwobodo, cross-carpeting and the failure in leadership.

Candidates For Psychiatric Evaluation ‪#‎MakeRoomInAROMentalFacility‬

‪#‎OurLeadersHaveGoneStarkRavingMad‬!!Jim Nwobodo was recently named by embattled former National Security Adviser (NSA) Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) among those who benefited from the multi-billion naira Armsgate fraud, currently being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
The former Governor denied any wrongdoing, saying that the N500 million released to him by the NSA was meant for PDP leaders in the South-East to mobilize support for the re-election of Goodluck Jonathan as President in the 2015 election.

“I am not looking for a job. I am talking because I want peace. I want our people to be part of the Federal Government at the centre. I had a problem being an opposition Governor. I am not coming into APC because I want anything. I want our people to reintegrate and have our own share of the Federal Government resources.” ~ Jim Nwobodo [Source: Today.ng]

I don’t know whether to weep or laugh hysterically! I’m totally flabbergasted. O gini di ife a?? What levels of DENIAL and DELUSION are these folks operating under? What crazy alchemy is let loose in the synaptic gaps of their cells? How messed up are their neurotransmitters? I was waiting for some core ideological shifts, a value construct or belief system that propelled this move and we get this inane dribble? Are you kidding me? Hear, hear him: ‘I want our people to reintegrate and have our own share of the Federal Government resources…” So this is all about getting a share of juicy mangoes and yams?

These are the words of a 75-year old man! A former Governor AND Senator of the federal Republic. A founding member of PDP. I am outraged that this joke of a human being shames Ndi Igbo, and in fact ALL well-meaning Nigerians, by using the ‘OUR PEOPLE…REINTEGRATE…SHARE OF THE FEDERAL GOVT RESOURCES’ sickening lines!! 500 million squandered on ‘South East Leaders!’ May we please know the names of all these greedy sickos who’ve held us down for ages?

These are the men/women 30,000 Biafra Agitators should really be attacking and demonstrating against. I do not want to wish anyone evil, so I’ll hold my tongue! 500 Million of our national wealth shared among fools and charlatans in a zone with bad roads, poor water supply, out-of-kids- school, poor health infrastructure, ill-equipped/poorly trained teachers, imagine if that was used for a micro collaborative technology hub for Youths in Enugu ….

Ah my beloved, battered Naija! We must have a wall of shame to call out these folks!! Mr Jim Nwobodo, sir, with all due respect, as an Igbo lady, you do not in anyway speak for me or represent me. Not at all!!

I appreciate that he handed over power peacefully, he may even be a good man but in my opinion (and I may be wrong), GEJ was a weak, corrupt and misguided leader, with zero creativity. Just like almost all the leaders before him. That’s exactly why we are where we are today. How can you simply spend money to buy votes when all you had to do was actually plough those funds in developmental projects and leave a worthy legacy?? I don’t get the logic at all!!

Did he not read up about Awolowo, Michael Okpara, et al? A first-time South-South leader! He had a chance to transform that zone into the envy of the world and couldn’t even clean up Ogoniland! Chinua Achebe got it right: “The problem with Nigeria is simply a failure of leadership.” The caveat of course, is that we are all leaders! #APrayer4NigeriaInDistress

Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
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#68. Floetry by JulietKego: If I Die Again… (Destination: France and not Baga)!


I AM BAGA - Floetry by JulietKego

Two, Two hundred or Two thousand?
We debate numbers, carelessly offhand.
In an orgy of violence, in this desolate land,
while children are slaughtered like salah rams

In numbers to rival Bar beach grains of sand
and the zoo masters feed off goats and yams
So if I must die, and die, one day I must
I fear not, either a svelte bomb or a crude dagger

I ask for this one wish; honour my plea in trust
Let me die in far away Paris, not here in Baga
Here sons, now enemies; Boko Haramites
multiply like an army of fornicating termites

Take me there, far, far away from here.
For here, many the toga of terrorists bear
it is becoming so very hazy for me to really tell
between Dasukis and his many master-devils

A case of who is evil and who is purely evil?
All parties sullied, to darkness their souls did sell
Here, they piss, shit and spit on my grave
In this town I am ignored, cruelly scorned

Take me to France, lay me under Eiffel’s cave
Where I shall be honoured and mourned
by one million souls who’ll remember my face
CNN will call my name from sea to sea

Even old Fox will fold me in her cold embrace
while Dokpesi and NTA air Liverpool-Chelsea
matches and owambes; political parties’ campaign
And drink of my blood mixed with fine champagne

And on my grave they gladly, gleefully dance
Hapless, to deaf ears may I not plaintively cry
for between cowardice and cluelessness, I die
If I die, do not bury me in baga,
take me far, far away from Naija….

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

#InspiredReading: A Poet’s Bible by David Rosenberg

#InspiredReading One of my dreams this year is to return to Jerusalem. It won’t be the first time. In fact, I’ve been to Jerusalem a couple of times and can attest to the poetry that exists in every inch of the city. in Africa, I had a similar experience in Botswana.
In these special places, there seems to be some unnamed beauty that calls my soul’s forgotten name. It is like every thought I have there becomes poetry…
The sacred-spiritual-sensuality of poetry has always fascinated me and i find myself drawn to only poetry that evokes all these senses at once.
Anyway, I digress, this post is about a book I’m reading now. I am ecstatic to start off the new year with David Rosenberg’s A POET’S BIBLE. I read a few pages of this remarkable book on a plane ride, after borrowing to from a fellow passenger.
I was enthralled and started devouring the words 9for lack of a better expression). I tend  to read really fast, however, this was a very voluminous book!
And by the time the plane touched down, in the flurry of disembarking, I’d somehow forgotten to write down the title of the book and the name of author. It became the gnawing, not-quite-clear, beautiful experience and memory.
This was until I recently walked into a book sale CoverNotes Coffee house in Richmond Hill and viola! A Poet’s Bible…
And then, a new writing mentor also recommends the book in an email earlier today, (he saw the book as a great fit for the style of floetry I write (and hope to continue writing) . Music to these ears1 :-).
A bit from the introduction of A POET’S BIBLE; “With vivid metaphor, Rosenberg delves into the core of each biblical book.
The Bible’s poetry has been translated as prose for centuries, usually by clerics and scholars indifferent to the provocative wordplay and imagery of the original Hebrew poet.
The evocative and engaging poetry in a Poet’s Bible will allow the secular reader to n grasp this great classic in modern term.”
*David Rosenberg is a poet, essayist and biblical scholar. He is the best known and most widely sought after translator of the bible in our time.
A Poet’s Bible is my recommended #WWNInspiredReading pick for January 2016. Enjoy!
P.S: Some of the works of the great Khalil Gibran will be our picks for the remaining months of this first quarter.
 ♥ Cyber-hugs,
Juliet Kego |The Reminderist™
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