#RandomMusings On that matter of letting go and living YOUR Life!

Fearless living

You wake up one day and you stop worrying…..about everything and everyone. Things you can’t control? The crappy stuff from other people? Opinions and judgments that you didn’t ask for? You look at life and say Fu*k it! I’m just going to LIVE. Period! My way. Period! Do me. Period! No explanations. Period!

You get the gut-wrenching news that someone you love has gotten caught up in the rotten festering sore of greed and kidnapping in your homeland.

Only this time, there are no brightly coloured aso-ebi for a happy-ever-after-thanksgiving service. We’re to dress up in blackest, black for a funeral instead. I mourn a beloved soul I never met. There are no memories to forget. Aint it sumthin’? The sunrise just had to come with a simultaneous sneaky, shadowy sunset!

And so I say: Fu*ck it all! No pretty, philosophical way to say it; sometimes life stinks, period! You’re born and then you die! Life’s not supposed to make sense. Life’s meant to be LIVED. So I guess there’s nothing to worry about, no one to please or think about.

In the end, who really cares about your sh*t? It’s yours, you really don’t need to explain jack/jill to anyone. So decide to worry less and really LIVE! All you can ever get from worrying is a freaking, nasty ulcer anyway!

So do the stuff you really want to do, speak the thoughts that run jagajaga, zig-zag-like in your head, love the ones you want to love, drop the ones who’re playing games, create things that make your heart sing & worry less about everything!

Get up from your dazed, foggy existence and fu*king LIVE!!!! God has a sense of humour, be in on the joke. Turns out, life’s really not as difficult as we make it out to be. Some things will never, ever make sense. Let them go and freaking join move on dot org. And yes, it’s that kind of season! 💕-Cyber-hugs, Jules

Love, Light & Truth!

Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

You can also find me here: www.wholewomannetwork.org

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