#115. Floetry by JulietKego: Walking with Angels

Have Faith

Floetry by JulietKego: Walking with Angels

Dusk looms,
I bear the weight
of the wait;
I seek an answer,
one sign from thee;
Should I continue to share
the WORD that set captives free?
So easy to misconstrue
this message of love,
so tempting to discard,
this light from above.

I will step out tonight
and walk in faith.
Lead and guide me
for your own namesake.
It is cold and I am lost
in the warmth of night-walking;
All ‘ s quiet, nary a sound, no talking

Just humming
to the sound of my soul’s
silent strumming;
Hips swaying to the melody
of an internal, eternal song;

The cool breeze’ s blowing,
these limbs are showing
no signs of slowing.
I look up at the stranger across,
with a heart set in a deep frown.
Tired and weighed down,
also asking for a sign.
Confused at my flashing smile,
I see the unasked questions
and so I nod and answer
‘I am walking the way,
the way of the cross.

Come walk with me,
let’s walk the lone road
but not alone…. ‘
I witness the moment
awareness dawns and
surrender occurs.
The stranger moves

on and joyfully skips along,
the path clearer now,
no longer dark and long.

Suffering ends, in comes the signs:
healings and cures.
I look up at trinity’s light,
seeking a signal:
should I go on,
should I prepare or
should I simply stop?

I go on and behold Samuel,
sitting by an *Angel’s side.
I sought a sign and was blessed
with three from thee!

And so now, I walk on,
doubts gone and shackle-free!
I watch my fear disintegrate
as I inhale your gift of crisp air.

Indeed, we all walk the lone road
but NEVER alone!
By love are we bound
and in this love are our
buried miracles found😀

(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido