#71. Floetry by JulietKego: Let the Scales Fall Off.

Patience and Wisdom

Floetry by Julietkego: Let the scales fall off

Child, slow down, slow down, be patient
do not force the scales off of life’s eyes
Learn from the greys on my balding head
Listen to the voice of regret and glory
at things undone and words unsaid….

Wait for time, soon you’ll see,
the scales will fall off when they’ll fall off
And you will see the world within and around,
reveal her mysteries like a dancing peacock
The scales of life will fall off when they will fall off
Ride the natural waves and rhythms of nature,
flow with the universe,
in the direction of rivers
for we are all one of many rivers
of one lonely dream.

You cannot force
the public hair to grow
or budding breasts to sprout
because a girl stomps her feet
and proclaims herself a grown maiden.
When the seed of time is ripe
and only when it’s ripe
will her fruits of womanhood
be softened and ready for plucking.

And my child, it’s same
with everything else in life.
Let things rise naturally like tides,
let them fall gracefully like rains.
Allow rivers of things and people
flow into your life and space,
also accept and let them go
when their season is done.
Dark, cold clouds loom,
and a price has to be paid
when we shift and force the scales.
Pain and suffering bloom
when we fight with the order of things.

The feeble, cola-chewing old man,
who thinks himself a sharp,
solid shaft of a man,
abandons the beloved wife of his youth,
runs off and marries a maiden;
ndi anya cham, cham, cham,
(with nipples that poke his eyes)
must now divorce his sleep,
work twice as hard on his softness
to keep her satiated and calm.
Or like a strung-out skittish sheep,
she falls off limply and follows
those young,
crotch-grabbing, gum-chewing,
whistling suitors,
disguised as sheppards,
waiting on standby
like wounded,
wolfish hawks,
at the gates of his cold hut.

Everything follows a pattern,
nature gives and nature takes
Sometimes sunsets follow sunrise
Like a sullen, seeking shadow
And life is like the breadfruit,
you must press out the seeds
to discover her flavours for yourself;
if they’re sweet, bitter or sour.
You can never find the direction
of your soul on the wrinkled map
of a deceitful, (open and lovely) face.

By their (in)actions,
you’ll find the spirit of wo(men)
clearly revealed under the sun
in no distant time, some dreams
will melt under her gaze and
others, will harden like clay.
Wait for time, soon you’ll see,
the scales of life will fall off
only when they’ll fall off.
Who we are will be unveiled
under the secret shadows
of a morose, mocking moon.


© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, 2015 (All rights reserved).

#75. A Letter from Yonder


Adorable Adaora, Adanneya, Adannaya

Keeper of my future, daughter of my heart

I pray my words, wrapped in the winds

Blow gently and find you keeping well

I hear your legs are beginning to swell

All that kicking is bound to take its toll

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#74. And she called herself Adaeze; daughter of the KING!


In her girlish fantasies, in all the fancy books she’d read

From everything she’d been taught, in answers she’d sought

She’d never dreamed that it would ever be like this.

She was ill-prepared for the shock of the very first slap!

Fisted palms, desire-laden eyes, wicked tongue and dirty lies

Strangled by loving arms, a hot passion, now colder than ice.

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#70. I am the WORD.

On air; in mid-flight,

In between travels; in transit,

On the bus; in between bus stops.

In a lift; in between space and time.

Jejeli, minding my own business,

and then other people’s business.

Gbeborun, overtly and covertly,

politely and rudely eavesdropping,

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#62. And the LIGHT swallowed our colours…

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Let the light come and swallow our colours.

Let the void come and swallow our colours.

Let white and brown and red and black,

and all the unseen colours in between,

be revealed as symbolic imagery of thee.

Let the colour of light common to one and all

be bared once and for all, that we’d finally see

that our colours and tribes and tongues and faiths,

do not project our dissonance or chasm.

They simply reflect the creativity and quirks,

the cool, interwoven tapestry of your mystery,

the sheer complexity and depth of your majesty!

In the dark void, the colours fuse together

and emerge as one single LIGHT.

Our DIS-connect creates the illusion,

a fallacy; a myth of our se-pa-ra-tion.

But me be you, and you be me,

and WE be simply one and same,

of one source and of one being.

Think! How could we not BE?

If the light comes from the deep void

and swallowed the darkness of our colours,

what a drab, dark, dingy world it would be!

So, let the LIGHT come from the deep void

and reveal the brightness of our colours.

Let love unfold the beauty hidden within

for all to see that all lives matter

And the light swallowed our colours.



(c) ‘Kego Onyido 2014 (All rights reserved).