#FloetryByJulietKego: Who are you walking with?

Who are you walking with?
Walk with someone whose memory
brings a shy smile to your lips (when they’re away)
One who makes you walk into a room
like you have an invisible crown on your head
who centres your gypsy spirit
who soothes your soul in any storm
one who makes you matter.
Walk with one who celebrates you
who creates a waterfall deep in your being
(during a drought)
who makes you dance
even when an orchestra stops playing
who riles you yet makes forgiving so easy
be with the one who kisses you
with the sun’s golden rays
till you disappear into time
Who holds your hands in a crowd
who heals your torn & worn out heart
be with the one who sees you without the lie
of a deformed world
one who gives you a sacred space
to be human, to stumble & rise
allows you room to embrace & gain mastery
over your shadows and bask in your light

One who is not blinded
by the light within your spirit
(it is their own light reflected on you)
one who bears witness with you
for everything you both co-create
be with the one who makes you dance
on you feet and on your knees
in all seasons and for no reason
I am with him; rediscovering love
how to serve; how to sit in stillness
how to weep and laugh; how to forgive
how to think and speak with kindness
walk with he who made you a co-heiress
who taught you to surrender in worship
walk with him – the Creator and his creation;
the eternal spring – one who quenches you thirst
Be ye open; longing & hungry…
for life, for him, this Lord who reminds you daily
that you too are a daughter of the King
epecially in spring seasons
when it is easy to get distracted
by the dandelions and daffodils of life
and forget who and whose you are (before form)
Soon, smouldering flames
become slow burning ambers; taut skin sag,
laugh lines & dimples become wrinkles…
walk with Christ and fall in love
with one who is in love with you
be eternally loved by one
whose grace makes your spirit stir
whose light allow you sizzle and sparkle
like the luminous star you are
Taking a long walk, in worship
nature crackles with orgasmic air
walk with your best friend
celebrate a sacred friendship
long after passion simmers & evolves
find yourself first; rooted in the creator’s arms
be with one who makes you see
only goodness, only love, only light in others.
Be with a Creator who loves to travel with you,
(no matter what bricks life throws
you’ll never have to travel alone)
be with one who makes room for you
as a co-heiress and fights not for headship
one who makes you transform ideas
(like food turned into a feast of the senses)
One who dissolves both of you
into a single formless alchemy of love;
you don’t know where God begins and the other ends
The best place to see the world and interact with it,
is from the arms of a Creator who is love
co-create with the universe through the only path; of love
Worship one who who makes life
(the good or bad), a daring adventure
take a stroll with the Creator in these times
walk with one who makes you thankful, humble,
aware that every breath draws us to death –
(death is but a passage into the eternal)
a welcomed elixir for a communion of all souls

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