#FloetryByJulietKego: A Gypsy Birth And Home-coming

I met a gypsy in the fields
a maker of mind-magic
with flowing, tangled locks
to her orbit mortals flocked

to whispering winds
her maxi-skirt twirled
to thundering clouds
her heartbeats echoed

we traded places
she, now rooted here
hearth; a home I soon forgot
as I cut off my umbilical cord

I am become a wistful one
a wonderer’s wanderer;
a warrior and water-walker
I, – a barefoot belly-dancer

I fled my hearth;
– a broken hellish home
crawled into a gypsy’s skin and soul
I am home; hmmn my hole now whole

sad sighs now stirring song-stories
dirges now exultant duas; an ode to life
lamentations now pulsating praise-psalms
I tremble and weep on worshipful knees

a new earth cometh; heaven
(this pure paradise I carry within)
Ah! I am dancing a new dance
I am beholding myself uncloaked

between rhythmic, ancient drumbeats,
I heard my soul’s long-forgotten name
aye it is I, the once dutiful and caring
(now daring), daughter of all my fathers; 
– a mother who birthed herself in the fields ―


© Juliet ‘Kego


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