#FloetrybyJulietKego: A Bouquet of Poems

Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido

I found a bouquet of Earth’s 7 poems
resting on my doorsteps
one for each layer of creation….

The air in Judea came alive
with perfumes of your poems
a hint of humble hibiscus,
giving, gazing gardenias,
wise, impish izoras,
thorny, red roses
fun, flirty lilies,
a wisp of zany zinnias,
and a lone, shy, smiling sunflower,
all laced up in a vase,
filled with the aromas
of your presence, Yeshua
I am Elizabeth,
John danced in joy in my womb
when you came visiting

I inhale a fragrance of your words
and exhale the pains in my worlds
(wihin and without)
I hear the soundless secrets
echoing in of my soul
and the angel whispered
gently back to me
mysteries of the universe
the promises and beauty of you
foretold in ages past
(long before creation)
and in lifetimes to come
And I, a virgin,
brethroted to a carpenter
became filled with the holy spirit
and you took form inside me

In the crowd, I touched
the hem of your garment
in the unfolding petals
and in faithful, sturdy stems
pricked by your crazy thorns
piqued, as I see all our hues –
the mad mystery of you and I
caught in this bouquet of love
I heave, I sigh, shaking my head
dreams collapse, reality in its stead
I am a boken woman healed;
a heart’s hemorrhage ceased

Sleep floats away
Words take her place…

A bouquet of your poems
I inhale their perfumes
spicy, sweet, sharp,
stinging, soothing,
then stirring me to life,
soon the dams burst and
I curl up and weep
I am your student Martha
worshipping at your feet…

Like a sardine of songs
packed into the spaces
of a scattered mind
their oils pour out
spilling into and staining
my wall-less nights and days
fingers cannot keep up
with the flood of words
I long to write
I am drowning here
In an angry storm-sea of love
I am the lady of Magdala
watching you, nailed to the cross,
My sweet saviour, beloved Yeshua
how blessed to behold you
at the tomb, when you arose…

I should have engraved
your sermons and poems
only as temporary tattoos
on my forearms
now I find your image still here
deeply entrenched,
permanently etched,
into the walls of my heart
I am Veronica’s heart
you engraved your face in me
generations will find you
hidden in the shrouds of Turin…

And I cannot get you out
of the linings of my soul
Unless love ends,
or I cease to breathe
perplexed, I pause;
I inhale; I decide to live
I exhale; I choose to love
and now I know
that I shall carry you around
all the life of my days
like a mesh of beautifully
knotted, stirring aches
I am Bethsheba, cleansed anew
As I bathe on the roof, under the light
of your loving gaze…

Sleep floats away
and love takes her place.

Today, beloved Yeshua
I woke up to the sounds
of 7 poems sleeping in my path
their presence, a poignant reminder
of this new joyful song I carry in my heart….
(C) Juliet ‘Kego


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