#66. Today, Rise After Yesterday’s Cries.

Yesterday, did you stumble, did you fall?

Are you uncertain about the looming ‘morrow?

Well, today’s ’bout celebrating joy and not sorrow.

If the world tries to bring you down,

Set not your beautiful heart into a frown!


Let them see your glory from a mile

Gift ’em with a joyous, radiant smile,

tell them to get behind, take a back-seat,

and these words, confidently and powerfully repeat:

“Today, I’m a queen, walking tall and proud,

holding my head up high in every crowd.

Come on, choose to RISE with me.


Even if you do not understand,

join me as I set my soul and spirit free.

To the lies, worries and negativity,

I refuse to cow.

I will bury the old, repeated lie

and in my truth, fly and soar high!


Invisible crown on my head, sceptre in hand,

I’ll be brave, walking through my deepest fear,

proclaiming this eternal truth, loud and clear:

I AM Worthy, I am loved, I am complete

and today, I refuse to bow down in defeat

Indeed, today, I choose to rise

and eclipse yesterday’s cries!”

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

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