#65. Mortals speak; angels weep!

In her searing anguish,

she wailed and cursed.

Lips curled and pursed,

she turns away as they confess.

Let them stew in pain and languish.

True, true, they deserve it no less,

for the unquestionable hurt inflicted.

And yet angels stayed up and prayed

that in the heart of the darkness

she’d see the bright stars in her sky

and turn the keys to set her free.

Sadly, she uttered words of the afflicted:

“No, I shall never forgive!”

Words that lock us in and shut us out.

Mortals speak and angels weep!

Harsh words that hold us caged in,

chained down, in our dark prison

a hardened, pitiless, unrelenting lot.

Feeding on our poison, we die and rot.

The curse of the tongue to maime and kill.

The power of the heart to forgive and be still.

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

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