#35. The Energy of Money

Day 19. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Quote about money. Kego OnyidoPoem: The Energy of Money

(Inspired by Dr. Maria Nemeth’s phenomenal book of same title).

The Energy of Money, all around me

Are we trapped in a forbidden dance together?

Who plays the drums, and who’s the dancer?

Are you the dream and am I the dreamer?

Are we in a healthy, loving, passionate relationship?

Or are we locked in a vicious pattern of abuse and disguise?

Where is the line between my inner truth and your open lies?

Am I the victim and you, the abuser?

Or are our roles reversed, yes, vice versa

Am I still rowing a rocking boat or is our ship

Already capsized, sunk deep down, underwater.


The Energy of Money, all around me

Will I ever have enough of you to last my days?

Am I always caught up longing for you?

Do I think of you more often than I should

With regrets of what I could or would

Have done or not done differently?

Do I feel angry, hurt, ashamed, helpless, stuck, guilty and sad?

Are you the runaway dream, who flirts seductively with my mind?

In the many memories that plague me, some good and some bad

I imagine a moment in time when true peace with you I’ll find.


The Energy of Money, all around me

Are your visits to remain nomadic and sporadic?

Or will you ever come for long extended stays?

When those visions and imaginations of you appear

Whose voices and images do I hear and see in my head?

What unhealthy past beliefs and values do I still hold dear?

Are they of scarcity, pain, deprivation, anxiety and fear?

And how do I replace them with empowering thoughts instead?


The Energy of Money, all around me

Found in the amazing opportunities that I now see

Reflected in loving relationships I build all around me

I no longer hang on to you like a silly fool

You are revealed, simply a mere neutral tool

A symbol of exchange for what I truly desire; freedom

You have no power; I can quench or light up your fire

I rejoice, aware that what you offer me is the power of choice

I am neutral to your unpredictable whims and moods

My actions are not controlled by your rhythms and tunes

When I take time to think of you today, I can joyfully say:

I am flooded with such positive emotions and neurons

Of the limitless power and freedom to pursue my passions.


The Energy of Money, all around me

Finally I have embraced my core, my God-essence

And I am in perfect flow; it all makes perfect sense

No longer held captive by you in all my senses

I really see you clearly using gratitude as lenses

And we are in a beautiful, endless dance

A dance of surrender and deep abundance

I have enough of you for today, for this moment

And for this present time, I am truly content

And should I need or want more in my physical universe

All I need do is enter the co-creative space and utter a verse

A word of faith and consistent action-steps to align with it

With joy, I unveil and manifest my gift and ability

And exchange these for the right value for who I am being

When I do whatever it is I’m doing

The Energy of money, all around me

I am the master and it answers to me

No attachment, no ties, it comes and it goes with the beautiful wind.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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