#34. Dance of Death, Dance of Life!

Day 18. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: Dance of Death, Dance of Life!

CrossWhen love died

We danced the dance of death.

We buried her in a cold cemetery

and sorrow weaved a bitter-sweet symmetry

of hopes lost and dreams forgotten,

of faith crushed and hearts forsaken.

Angels and mortals did as one merge,

together we sang a mournful dirge.

We bathed in ashes, rent our garments

and cut off our wings, bereft of songs to sing.

We let our darkest thoughts ferment

and we were locked in a dance of death.

A dance of painful horror at our loss.

Life was the dance and we were the dancers

We were undone, the floodgates open,

nothing to hold back the tide

of free-flowing currents of tears.

As we wept at the graveside

engulfed by demons of terrors and fears

Suddenly after three kisses of love

from the moon and sun and stars above,

we looked up and beheld a glorious face.

The heavens rejoiced at a begotten son!

And angels, their wings so reclaimed

Mortals redeemed by love and an abiding grace

Our debts he truly did pay.

All is taken, nailed to the cross!

And exultant, we dance again today.

The dance of the saved, the dance of life.

You be the dance and life be the dancer.

We dance with abandon and blissful joy

to the hidden rhythms

of the silent drumbeats within

found in the spaces between the spaces.

Between heartbeats, in the co-creative spaces

Where mortals and angels meet in a dance

and worship at the Messiah’s feet.

We have come full circle, you and I

In this dance of death and dance of life!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

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