126. Floetry by JulietKego: A Perfect Kiss […with the universe]

juliet-kego-ume-onyido-poet-the-home-makerI often think that there’s a sacred time when dusk kisses dawn. When the world sleeps and our higher selves awaken; open to downloading epiphanies from the still, quiet, sacred voice within. And sometimes, if we are truly present, we experience the fullness of being-ness as we wake up into the arms of the universe.

Into the arms of a loving Creator. Our souls stir, our spirits sing, our hearts stop in stunned silence, as we witness the heaven kiss the earth, in what must be an ancient, age-long tradition.

Perhaps, these are one of the millions of magical moments we miss each day: a kiss & embrace with the universe, a dance with angels, a good night sleep with gods and goddesses, a mating of our senses with our chi, an unfolding manifestation of our formless dreams into reality, our joyous smiles into a shy setting sun, the flirty, teasing touches of the rains, the crisp, clean scents of the pregnant wind (whispering the sounds of seduction of a detached, cool and yet molten earth)…

BE YE PRESENT. Talk a long walk. Converse with the spirit. I wish you a love that reminds you of, and roots you in the Creator’s agape love; a floating, exciting, ecstatic feeling of being in a love affair with the universe, with nature as the eternal muse, nurturing us at our own beckoning.

These are the moments of sacred silence, of co-creation, of oneness with all there was, is and will be. Today, I wish you many perfect kisses as you bubble into awareness and embrace the courage to make your dreams, goals and purpose manifest….BE YE STILL. Everything works together for good, for those who believe! I DECIDED & CHOSE TO BELIEVE! – ❤ JK

Floetry by julietKego: A Perfect Kiss

Some things float….
Some stay rooted…

A perfect kiss 
is you and I, tongued;
how we capture
the blinding force
of the stars with our lips
pathways of fireworks
that sparkle in our eyes
and slowly rumble
in our oesophagus
a gord of emotions rupture
as they tumble
into moans, stirring sighs,
a forgotten tingle
a roaring rapture

The things that float,
like butterflies and joy
simply mingle
and flow into us in hot spits
and sit in our stomach’s pits
letting out
every sad thing seated
in every silo of our souls
our pinkies and toes
dance and scream with excitement
I lean in, drinking in your scent
and we morph, darling
as if afraid to part
(scant spaces in between),
both of us, daring
to choke the air
between our jellied form

Your fingers in my hair
kneading my scalped heart
I come up for a gulp of air
And submerge; swimming into you,
into the secret spaces
untouched by the sun-god
cleaning out crevices
covered with caked tears
renting out hidden fears
and I stay here, sated in lust
a being that once floated, lost
now found, rooted in you,
we both let out a matching hiss
mated in a purr-perfect kiss
mirroring a new-found love
as your heaven calls to my earth

Some things float
and some stay rooted…

(C) Juliet ‘Kego

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