#FloetrybyJulietKego: Migrant Dreams

Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido Poet In the company of Dreams


I have slept on them all

 I had only you for company…


On a wintry, wrought-iron bed of granite

my head resting on a floor of cold bookcases

Hot tears leaking, staining, melting the wood

torn that my soul did not yet leave my body

As memories escape; old images of me

on a soft springy layer of feathers

and a pillow full of horsehair

covered in sheer Chantilly laces


Here, on a mat meshed in madness

On a boat, under a brusque, balding blanket

flints of fabrics filled with fumes

of feces
 and stale urine;

disappointed that they did not suffocate me


As I remember me once-upon-a-time

on my thousand thread-count sheets

they caress my skin like cool cucumber-cashmere,

soaked in scents of lilies, now of lying laughter


I find I always had you for company

My dreams of a homeland of never-after

And it is for these dreams that I wake now

before I sleep and slip away to the hereafter.

(C) Juliet ‘Kego

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