#63. Death in Heartbreak.

Someday soon, I’ll look at life in blissful wonder anew.

Till then, I’ll look at the outside world and wonder if it knew

that my heart, in stealth was killed, – I am here but not quite here.

Stripped of love, slowly fading away, ’til finally, I fear I may disappear.

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#58. Floetry by JulietKego – Maya: Dreamer of Dreams…

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“Because in the end, we’re all just dreamers in an endless universe.”
~Leighton Page
(Blogger: https://thatfreespiritedblog.wordPress.com)


Floetry by JulietKego. Maya: Dreamer of Dreams

Maya - Dreamer of Dreams

When she shared her dreams,
they laughed and called her a fool.
And she bore none a grudge,
for who was she to judge?
Because, truth be told
deep, deep down in her soul,
even she, laughed and loudest too
at the folly of her wayward dreams.

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#57. Love’s Long hike!

Love Poems Juliet Kego Ume-Onyido Poet, Speaker, AuthorSongs of silence,

silent tearless cries,

from bloodless, hollow heart,

dreaming deadweight dreams,

in an empty, shallow, soulless spirit.

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#24. Fifteen Minutes at Dawn and at Dusk.

Day 8. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: Fifteen Minutes at Dawn and at Dusk.

Dear, dear friends

When Life knocks you down Whole Woman Network

For 15 minutes as the day begins and 15 as it ends

Yes, for only 15 minutes at dawn and at dusk

Imagine if you may, that you created a new sacred space

That you paused the unending showreel of your life

You stepped back, far away from the frenzied pace

That you became one with the light within

And you stopped doing and started being

In being, imagine that you were all-knowing and all-seeing

That you could create everything out of nothing

And indeed the universe was yours in that sacred moment.


Take this time for yourself and re-connect with your divinity for a while

And see the landscapes of life suddenly look different by a long mile

Would you step out in courage and sing the songs in your heart or be silent?

Would you create empowering thoughts in your mind or snuff them of life?

Would you continue your patterns of pain, anger, fear and strife?

As you continue to doubt your power and think up excuses and reasons

Excuses of why you are not good enough and how these are the wrong seasons.


Yes, today, take 15 minutes at dawn and at dusk

To reflect, meditate, pray and let your spirit soar and fly

And with an eagle’s wisdom begin to discern the truth from the lie

As you discard the fallacy of your unworthiness, and embrace your magnificence

Begin to bask in your light and beam out your true essence

Will you let the gift of time simply, slowly, sadly, pass you by

As you selfishly and fearfully hold on to your talents and big ‘WHY?’

Will you choose to take action in the midst of your fears and stand tall?

On the grave of those buried, limiting beliefs that crippled you to fall?


Dear, dear friends

As the day begins and as it ends

For only 15 minutes each day, at dawn and at dusk

Imagine if you may

That you were co-heirs and co-creators

Of a kingdom built upon unconditional love

Imagine you had the wisdom of an eagle and the peace of a dove

And as you imagine you must know now

That the thought ‘impossible’ is a fallacy, and leads to endless cycles of ‘Fight-Flight’

Be certain now that for every dream you dream, be it in the day or at night

The question you must focus on and always ask is simply ‘Why?’

And then ask ‘How’ can it be done? How can you excel and pull through?

You must get off the fence and always take action, empowered action!

As you fulfil and honour your inner calling, your purpose and passion.


So dear, dear friends, for only 15 minutes at dawn and at dusk,

Reflect, meditate and PRAY – sitting, standing or on your knee

Magic and miracles happen if you let them be.

So pray, work hard and simply flow with it, if you may,

Fill your cup daily from this eternal spring of love within you.

The world awaits, as you manifest your light for all to see!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

#7. Stolen Home.

We came home, to find it was no more.
The dusty red earth,
once holy and welcoming to our feet,
sands so soft to touch,
as we scoop to fill our palms with a part of our sacred universe.
A land so blessed we bow our foreheads
and kneel in homage to the mysteries buried deep beneath.
The rusty, dusty red-earth, all gone. Gone!

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