#85: Floetry by JulietKego: President Onfoloke

President Buhari

Tell the traveler to tell us not
tales of foreign sights and voices
And stranger touches and tastes
Tell him instead to fill our
heavy, hopeful hearts
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Random Musings: Buhari, PMAN, “Solidarity” Concerts, Trekking and all that stuff

‪#‎HoldingOurLeadersAccountable‬ #BridgingTheIntegrityGAP #RaisingANewGenerationofCreativeTransformationalLeaders @MBuhari @AsoRock

LeadershipI just saw the seemingly harmless headlines on my news feed: ‘PMAN to organize solidarity rally for Buhari…’

And my reaction: Why? What for? The man is already voted in, what’s with all these unnecessary effizy moves…I guess the gospel of sycophancy may truly be alive and well.

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