#23. Hello! Sexy Spring.

Day 7. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

SpringPoem: Hello! Sexy Spring.

Hello! sexy spring
So ecstatic you’re finally here, so joyous I’d sing
How I’ve missed seeing your handsome face
I love that gap-toothed, sunny smile you flash
In between laughs, under soothing rains, falling leaves and fresh greens
How you hold my hands and show me colours so vibrant
As we lose and find ourselves in a never-ending embrace
In between secret, knowing glances and cheeky grins.

Winter, oh poor, poor thing,
So gloomy and so moody,
He was always ready to fight and rant
A more unsettling suitor I’d never seen
He was just neither here nor there
So relieved he’s finally out of my sphere
His ways were unkind and so very harsh
So funny! At the sight of you he fled in a dash.

Even his slightest embrace, as light as snowflakes
Seemed to fill my heart with coldness and dread!
My sense of worth and confidence he cruelly shred
The pounds piled on and on when I was with him
I saw life in muted tones and shades of dull greys
He killed the music in me, I was left bereft of any hymn
So happy you found your way to me, across rivers and lakes
Stand still, let me cherish your warm breath on my cheek
Take my heart, dear sexy spring and in your care it’ll forever keep.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).