#32. At Maya’s Feet

Day 16. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: At Maya’s Feet

MayaOf gifted, wise role models and of curious, lost young minds uncovered

Of passions re-kindled, of paths revisited and of dreams re-discovered

Of phenomenal creatures who bless our path and go off to peaceful sleep

Their purpose not that we mourn rather that we awaken to life, and celebrate

Someday, this empty search will end and the real sojourn will begin

A journey of discovery, of uncommon beauty and grace, and of power

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#23. Hello! Sexy Spring.

Day 7. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

SpringPoem: Hello! Sexy Spring.

Hello! sexy spring
So ecstatic you’re finally here, so joyous I’d sing
How I’ve missed seeing your handsome face
I love that gap-toothed, sunny smile you flash
In between laughs, under soothing rains, falling leaves and fresh greens
How you hold my hands and show me colours so vibrant
As we lose and find ourselves in a never-ending embrace
In between secret, knowing glances and cheeky grins.

Winter, oh poor, poor thing,
So gloomy and so moody,
He was always ready to fight and rant
A more unsettling suitor I’d never seen
He was just neither here nor there
So relieved he’s finally out of my sphere
His ways were unkind and so very harsh
So funny! At the sight of you he fled in a dash.

Even his slightest embrace, as light as snowflakes
Seemed to fill my heart with coldness and dread!
My sense of worth and confidence he cruelly shred
The pounds piled on and on when I was with him
I saw life in muted tones and shades of dull greys
He killed the music in me, I was left bereft of any hymn
So happy you found your way to me, across rivers and lakes
Stand still, let me cherish your warm breath on my cheek
Take my heart, dear sexy spring and in your care it’ll forever keep.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

#21. LIFE! A series of moments.

Day 5. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

LifePoem: LIFE! A series of moments.

Until you know, you do not know

You can only do that which you do know

So open up to the world all around you

And keep looking until you find the answers

The answers are buried within you

If you dare to look past the walls and tear yourself

Away from the self-imposed prison around your soul

Clear the cobwebs and the fog of fear, arise from the pitiless hole

The hell of today becomes paradise with a single step

So take action, just a single step forward into this vision

Drink this moment in. For all of life is a series of magical moments.

It is not the events themselves that matter, you see

It is your attitude more than anything that’s key.

So act on what you know now, and give it everything you’ve got

There’s power in focus, action and positive thought

Your transformation is not a sudden big bang,

And it is not an instant genius stroke from a magic wand,

Rather, it is simply a journey each day re-started

A gradual, sometimes painful, not-so-graceful, long walk on a path uncharted.

And above it all, I must confess, it is the most beautiful process

With each step you behold the light within as it beams

And become more of the being you were created to be.

You are an original with different gifts that you must plant as seeds

For there’s something unique inside you that the world needs.

In this moment, pause, take a life-breath and embrace your purpose

Yes, indeed, life is merely a series of NOWs.

All of life is indeed a series of moments.

Your purpose is to live every moment

And make sure that each moment counts!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

#15. The Devil Came to Church Today!

The Devil came to church today

And he had a lot of sweet things to say

We jumped for joy seeing him standing ahead

Tall, dark and handsome in the fiery pulpit


With an arrogant knowing tilt to his head

He invoked upon us his sordid glory from hell’s pit

When the choir sang, he clapped his hands

And danced in ecstasy to the roaring bands

The congregation looked to him for salvation

And he preached his sublime message of damnation


He came prepared for a feast of our souls

And drenched us with unholy water from our heads to our soles

We were entranced by his seductive presence

And lifted our hands up to him to be filled with his essence

When we stood, he sat and when we sat, he stood

He’d come to freely give us our souls’ filling food.


He mesmerized us all

Children, women and men

And lured us in to take the final fall

And we all shouted loud choruses of ‘Amen’!


He beckoned to us to take that last step closer

And promised that all our sufferings would soon be over

He would fill up our empty purses

With blessings we now know to be curses

Again and again, he smirked in victory

Revelling in our self inflicted misery


And just as we were about to bow our heads in surrender

That soft soothing voice of the redeemer

Whispered long-forgotten psalms of the Father’s grace

Reminding us all of the eternal race

We were washed anew, free from shame

And sang in glory praising the name above all names

He came to Church this Sunday with his spirit high

But we stood firm and send him away with a resounding ‘Bye-Bye.’


Indeed we laughed out in scorn at lying Lucifer

And took back our salvation and our glorious crown

And we all wept with joy and sang out ‘Alleluia’!

Yes, the devil came to our little church, at the very outskirts of town

He came expecting victory but we stood and fought and robbed him of his ‘crown’!

© Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

#14. Floetry by JulietKego: MY FIVE FINGERS.


My childrenMy work is done here
I am free and I know no fear
I am alive and I dance in ecstasy
To the music of heaven’s choir
I leave my right hand behind
With five beautiful fingers from the King
Four gleaming swords and a sharp shapely arrow
They stand strong, tall and proud
Solid proof that I was once here.

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