#50. Poem: A Season of Time’s Re-birth!

Happy New Month; new beginnings, new endings, new moments…

Poem: A season of time’s rebirth!

Hush! No noise, no fights, no tears

Hush! Hush! be still, for heaven’s sake

This is not the season for regrets or pains

Today is the sacred, soulful, silent eve

When old hurts, shame, guilt and fears

Are buried away by the promise of the verse

Sung from the hidden hearts of the universe.

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#23. Hello! Sexy Spring.

Day 7. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

SpringPoem: Hello! Sexy Spring.

Hello! sexy spring
So ecstatic you’re finally here, so joyous I’d sing
How I’ve missed seeing your handsome face
I love that gap-toothed, sunny smile you flash
In between laughs, under soothing rains, falling leaves and fresh greens
How you hold my hands and show me colours so vibrant
As we lose and find ourselves in a never-ending embrace
In between secret, knowing glances and cheeky grins.

Winter, oh poor, poor thing,
So gloomy and so moody,
He was always ready to fight and rant
A more unsettling suitor I’d never seen
He was just neither here nor there
So relieved he’s finally out of my sphere
His ways were unkind and so very harsh
So funny! At the sight of you he fled in a dash.

Even his slightest embrace, as light as snowflakes
Seemed to fill my heart with coldness and dread!
My sense of worth and confidence he cruelly shred
The pounds piled on and on when I was with him
I saw life in muted tones and shades of dull greys
He killed the music in me, I was left bereft of any hymn
So happy you found your way to me, across rivers and lakes
Stand still, let me cherish your warm breath on my cheek
Take my heart, dear sexy spring and in your care it’ll forever keep.

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

#22. If You See Her….

Day 6. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

BUTTERFLYPoem: If You See Her….

I lost her some moons ago

We came here together, we gave it a go

And indeed, I did let her have her full say

But only one of us finally emerged stronger

I mourn her loss in a bitter-sweet way

Because I never got a chance to say my good byes

To tell her that the world got it wrong with its lies

She’s neither lacking nor empty, neither broken nor fractured

For in her eyes I see wholeness, completeness and majesty captured

From her toes to the crazy-making pot that’s cooking inside her head

I wish I could go back and tell her of the beautiful road ahead,

So mysterious yet so blindingly glorious!

And so if you ever see her reflected in the eyes of your clients

Or you hear her cries and whispers hidden in a stranger’s voice

Or run into her in a party, on the street or at a meeting

Or in your homes, among family and friends

Or across the room reflected in your mirror…

Be kind to her, be gentle with her, be there for her, be oh so patient with her

I implore you to hold that sacred space for her

Tell her that I hold no grudge, and that I forgive and I love her still

Remind her that she did the very best she could

With the tools she had at the time

That I know now that she held on tightly to her pain

Because hidden beneath it was the warm blanket of her secondary gain

Tell her to imagine the joy beyond the deep well of her present sorrow

Tell her I’m grateful to her for who I am now and who I am becoming tomorrow.

Yes, please be very caring, be kind and be oh so gentle with her

When she’s ready, she’ll show up

One day, she’ll get tired of the drama, the story, the struggle and the loop

She’ll show up and she’ll be ready for any test, any task, any ordeal, any hoop

She’ll seek to finally break out and embrace her pain

To pay attention, get the learning and go through the burning flame!

When she arrives, lost and lonely at your doorstep

All broken and bent, do guide her well

And lead her safely with each faltering, failing footstep

Back to the living spring within her spirit, that eternal well

Let her drink of the healing waters of her humanity and divinity

Embracing the God in her, the blessed trinity

She’s so much stronger than she knows

There’s such depth to her than what she shows

In her heart lies an eternal fire nothing can ever kill

She has the power to break through boards and bend steel

Make sure these words to her you do tell

For it will make all the difference

And lead her to her magnificence

And I should know for I know her so well

For she was me, and I was her, a lifetime ago, you see

Long before I surrendered the fight

And found my way and embraced my light.

She died that I may be re-born anew and transformed

No, not perfect by any means,

Simply better today than I was yesterday

And better still, even tomorrow

The old things are passed away, I’ll never seek or crave

The old me nailed to HIS cross, buried in HIS grave

I LIVE today, able to enjoy the sacred synchronistic patterns of life with new eyes

And I cannot be or do the old me ever again

She’s dead! Long, long gone, destroyed in an instant, along with the enemy’s reign and his deceptive domain

In that sacred moment I chose the saviour’s gift of freedom and cut off the shackles of those ties, a bondage of lies!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).