#10. Seven Moons After….

7 moons after

We retrace the path we’d traveled together

To past seasons of falling leaves and cloudy skies

Of new beginnings and nervous laughter

With strangers we’d never met

Now friends we may never forget

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#6. Love? Love is Bullsh*t; Love is Crap

‘Tis truly amazing, to watch what havoc you cause
To seemingly innocent folks who’ve done you naught
To some a blessing, and to others a curse
And to all sane minds what great madness you wrought.

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#8. Ogbanje Chelu!

Nwam, chelu! Chelu!

Child of my womb, wait! wait!

Do not be in such haste

As you find your path to the other world again.

Sit here, on my laps, beside your father’s fireplace.

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#5. A Journey into madness.

This descent to the abyss
Is not at all an unwelcome state
For my senses have never known peace such as this.

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#3. Daughter of Eve.

He first saw her under a silvery moon
And stood transfixed watching from afar
He’d mustered enough courage to call upon her
But only by the next noon

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