#118. Floetry by JulietKego: I.Love.You

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Floetry by JulietKego: I.Love.You
It is not a declaration
Or a proclamation
It is not a place
Or a feeling
Or a thought
or a thing
or words
Or a phase
or a meaning-less-ful phrase
or a craze
or magic
or madness
It is not about me
or about you
or about love
It is not to be connected
or pieced apart
or to be analyzed
or proved
or justified
It is not about truths or lies
It is not a blame
or a name
or a game
or a journey
or a destination
or a complication
It is not about worthiness
Or brokenness
or being lost or found
or falling or rising
or right or wrong
It is simply this:
Here. There.
Nowhere. Everywhere
Simple. Simply.This;
I.Love.You. 🙂
(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

105. Floetry by Julietkego: Witness

Haiku Sunset Image Creative Talents Unleashed

Floetry by JulietKego: WITNESS (Haiku)

I was standing there,

when dusk kissed dawn in goodbye.

My leaves soaked their tears.


(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido


Image Credit: © Pixabay/Public Domain/Royalty Free Images

(Culled from the Facebook Page of Creative Talents Unleashed)