#20. Decades of Laughter, Decades of Tears…

Day 4. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Decades of Laughter, Decades of Tears. Kego Onyido








Poem: Decades of Laughter, Decades of Tears…

Decades of silence, decades of tears

Decades of merely existing, shrouded in fears

Decades without music, decades without dance

Decades of passing through life in a deep, dark trance

Decades of hiding, of lying and slowly dying

Decades of crouching in shadows instead of flying

Decades of pain, moments, we thought lost, never to be regained

All rolled into this glorious moment, with everything reclaimed.

Decades of new beginning, decades of living

Decades of rising into a new-found awakening

Decades of laughter, mingled with healing tears caressing soft lashes

Decades of joy, of gaining mastery of life’s tranquility and her clashes

Decades of opening up, welcoming change and embracing

All that we are, were and will be, as truly phenomenally amazing

Decades, when finally, our inner light

Defeats the darkness and shines so bright

Illuminating our path, as we become one with our essence

And lead ourselves into our new-found magnificence!

Today, as you behold these words and read these lines, slow or fast

Celebrate your new decade unfold, a life of love, laughter and joy, here at last

Dear sisters, simply BE and BEAM: Be Everything And More!

© ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).