#58. Floetry by JulietKego – Maya: Dreamer of Dreams…

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“Because in the end, we’re all just dreamers in an endless universe.”
~Leighton Page
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Floetry by JulietKego. Maya: Dreamer of Dreams

Maya - Dreamer of Dreams

When she shared her dreams,
they laughed and called her a fool.
And she bore none a grudge,
for who was she to judge?
Because, truth be told
deep, deep down in her soul,
even she, laughed and loudest too
at the folly of her wayward dreams.

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#53. When Life Goes Awry…

ChallengesEmbrace life’s blessings along with her lessons

Everyone you meet comes bearing gifts of light

Everything happens so your path shines bright

Pay attention to the valleys and the mountains

Pay attention to the passions and the pains.

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