#59. Let’s go to Thuso

Disability is not Inability

Come, come, and let us go

through the eyes of time’s portals,

to the magical, ancient land of Thuso,

where ordinary (wo)men, mere mortals

dare to do the sacred work of angels and saints.

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#56. Who’s Laughing Now?

MayaWho’s Laughing Now?

We, the flock, can smell

That bullshit you’re trying to sell.

Don’t think for a moment that we don’t know

that you’re putting up a hell of a fake ass show.

We came here today, exactly for this;

You are our escape from madness, our seventh day of bliss.

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#9. An Immigrant’s Prayer.

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Across Benue-Niger rivers and nameless oceans

Through harmattan clouds and Saharan skies

We journey from the old world to the new,

The mystery before us, seduced us like a sorceress

And yet not knowing what was ahead,

We dared to embrace our journey

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