#RandomMusings: Between Khadija Yusra Muhammad Sanusi II, Linda Ikeji and the concept of Right to Privacy in Cyber-World

Rights to PrivacyI love this letter by Khadija Yusra Muhammad Sanusi II, daughter of Emir of Kano, HRH Sanusi to blogger, Linda Ikeji. Simply because it speaks to a lot of issues, such as redefining our rights to privacy, especially in this age of social media access, our language and manner of engagement, especially online (‘Netiquette’).

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Interested in becoming a Writer, Blogger or Social Media Content provider? Read this piece by Yinka Olaito

(Source: Yinka Olaito – http://yinkaolaito.com)

Online writing, blogging, citizen journalism has become global game changer in the way we communicate today. The advent of digital tools brought a lot of disruptions to the way organizations and individuals communicate.

No serious brand can neglect or refuse to pay attention to what is going on online. Those who do that in the past have had to bite their fingers. The impact can be far-reaching.

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