#AllLivesMatter #RandomMusings. What is the Value of a Nigerian Life?

Baga Nigeria

You come across some posts on social media and the only word you can utter is GBAM! And you’re filled with gratitude that someone shared their truth and in doing so, expanded our perception of the world around us. Until we determine what the value of a Nigerian life is worth, we may keep disrespecting the sanctity of life.

An insightful, poignant post by George Onmonya Daniel [Culled from his Facebook Page].

It is not in our culture to carry placards when our people are killed, is it?

Some people are talking about people in France carrying placards with ‪#‎IamBaga‬ over the people massacred by Boko Haram in the town of Baga recently. Report said over two thousand were killed. Another is saying it is about one hundred and fifty. When last did we carry placards to demonstrate over the massacre of our people?

When Boko Haram are throwing bombs here and there and slaughtering people in their fairytale quest to establish an Islamic State that is from the imagination of a derange man called Imam Shekau, Nigerians would rather carry placards over Israeli vs Palestinian wars.

The killing of the children of Palestine touch them more than their own. In fact they see Israeli vs Palestinian politics as more important than Nigerian politics and the lives of Palestinians more precious than that of their own people. 

Annoyed by the way we forget our own very easily, Oby Ezekwensili cried out ‪#‎BringBackOurGirls‬. She took it up and rallied people around. She screamed and screamed.

A lot of people accused her of playing politics and even insulted her but she kept screaming. Before long the whole world was gripped by #BringBackOurGirls frenzy. It brought Malala here. CNN, AlJazeera, BBC, CCTV and all the media in the world took up the story. Leaders, superstars, athletes and presidents showed solidarity.

If we want people to talk about Baga as they are talking about Charlie Hebdo, it must start from us. The truth is that we don’t care about us. The only reason we are comparing Charlie Hebdo with Baga is politics of 2015.

Worse than Baga had happened and we never cared, don’t care and are not interested. France is different from Nigeria. When one Oyibo man dies, it is headline news. When thousands are killed in Nigeria, the headline news is APC office bombed or PDP buses burnt. Let’s stop the crocodile tears over Baga. We don’t care.

-George Onmonya Daniel