#Poetry4ChangeAfrica: Today’s Featured Poem is “Diary” by Oluwasegun Romeo Oriogun (Ogun Da Silva)





“First you must first your voice, then you must embrace your voice and then USE your voice in a way that aligns with your highest intention and purpose.”
~Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

Diary by Oluwasegun Romeo Oriogun (Ogun Da Silva)
alone with my mother
and her words
at a bar filled
with men who
hide their wife’s
shadow inside their palm,
alone with nothing
but my mother’s diary
and a few years of her life,
i read and immerse her
white knuckles in a glass
of whiskey, i allow it
sink into her soul,
i watch as it rises above
the woman dressed in
a torn gown, i watch as
it drowns the dog with
blood on his mouth,
i watch it burn the
house where my mother
became a bag of eyes and
bones, i watch her knuckles
become a woman dancing
under the rain with
the joy of a witch
on a broom close
to the moon.
once she believed in love,
one of her entry said:
all i want is love, love, love.
that was before the sea
came to her house
with men who
became whales,
men who swallowed
her whole and
spat her out
on an island with no life,
with no city close by,
with no trees,
only her gender
was left to follow
her like a lost dog.
here, my mother and i
dance to songs of torn
tongues while we
burn the years that are gone,
the years that are bullets,
the years that are assassins,
we burn them up
in glasses of whiskey,
to be whole you have
to forget, to be whole
you have to go to a
place with a new beginning,
my mother was a woman,
there was no such wholeness
for her, she carried her
past under her arms,
her gender was a spy
that must be killed,
her gender was a head
waiting to be hanged
by an executioner
with a wedding ring.
here, drunken men
knock out the teeth
of their women
as they carve their
names on their faces,
my drunk mother
turn to me
and ask:
son, what are you
doing here?
i’m drowning,
i’m trying to forget,
i’m trying to start
a new life within my old one.
she said:
son, you can’t run
from the past, your
shadow will always
betray you.
i turn to see my shadow
sober and smiling
like an evil king,
while around me
the men have become
little soldiers climbing
into the stomachs of
their wives to fire
the last shot at
their fallen walls
and make them exiles.


(c) Oluwasegun Romeo Oriogun. 2015 (All rights reserved).

About the Poet:

‘Segun Oriogun is a poet from Nigeria, his poems has appeared on some literary blogs and journals, like the Kalahari Review. He is in love with nature and his imaginary dog, Sky.


WWN POETRY4Change is a creative platform celebrating the works of talented and exciting new poetic voices and spoken word artists within the African continent and in the Diaspora. It is an initiative created by Nigerian Poet and Leadership Consultant, Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, of Whole WoMan Network, Canada. The goal is to empower youths by leveraging the power of social media to highlight talents and provide opportunities for mentorship and growth.
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Let your heart break into a million pieces.
And in the crevices in between you’ll find
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filled with a pure incandescent beauty,
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