#122. Floetry by JulietKego – Sons and Daughters of Okigbo

No man can outwit the ancestors Quote

#NaPoWriMo Day 2

[This is not a poem; it is Floetry inspired by true events].

At Okigbo’s shrine
seeds of his loins gathered
and called out to him:


“Nna anyi! Nna anyi!
Ifekandu, hear us.
Biko nu, mere anyi Ebele.
Do not look away.
Mbah nu.
Your son is desecrating
the waters
The priestesses find his semen
in the holiest of rivers
His seeds scattered
across the land
(lost in the fields of shame)
Does he not know
they each carry his gifts?
That we must find them
to raise them?
Alu na eme n’obodo anyi”

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Random Musings by @JulietKego: A little note on forgiveness.

“Forgiveness is the sterilization of the soul, the cleansing of the mind and the liberation of the heart.” ~ Pope Francis
May God bless the Pope and all those in positions of authority and influence.

There are some key pieces to forgiveness that are important to highlight:

-If you can’t forgive others, it pre-supposes that you also can’t forgive yourself. We are all reflections of one another. Refusing to forgive is basically you choosing to still be caught in the negative field of the event, or series of events. You become the prisoner;

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#52. As I am, now

Don’t ask me to explain myself

What I want or what I don’t

Don’t ask me to explain myself

Who I love or who I don’t.

Because I’d have changed before

you completed your question.

My mind is again reborn

before my answer is formed.

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