#82. Bridget’s Daughter

A Joyous, Wonderful and Blessed Birthday to my Mom ‪#‎SweetMother‬!
There can be no words to capture my love for you, no imagery to depict the majesty of your spirit, and no story weaved to interlace the tapestry of your soul’s journey.

All praise would pale to the expansiveness of your being. You always danced to your heart’s song. You see every human being as a reflection of HE who is not confined in walled spaces. You are not tied to the ordinary things. You are simply the most beautiful woman in my world!

And because of you, I always celebrate the sacredness of motherhood. And indeed WE are all mothers; blessed with unique buds, fruit-bearing seeds, hopes, dreams, gifts, talents, abilities, light and loveMay we birth and nurture them in this lifetime, to our creator’s glory. And also bravely and generously share them with the world within and around us! Bleesed2BEBridget’sDaughter

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