#116. Floetry by JulietKego: BE A MAN; because boys don’t cry?

BE A MAN; Because boys don’t cry?


A broken mantra-hymn
Chant it, feed it to him
Command him
To be a manned-robot:
“Be ye Strong,
Son, you can do no wrong
Mask your heart sore
Be soul-less, Ego-more
Like an erection
Be all cold and hard
Screw up your balls
With nuts of macho steel
Choke on that man-pride
Fears are alien; so them hide
Swallow, piss out tears un-cried
Be a man; who says boys cry too
Or have their hearts broken in two?”


Yes sisters, on golden pedestals
Raise him up high like Baal, your King
Build a burn-fire, form a worship ring
Disrobe of your common sense
At his feet open up your petals
Pour your fluids laced with incense
Bind him to breasts; shackled, seduced
And when the suns of your sin melt
His faux gold-covered shield, pelt
Him with curses, as he is reduced
To the lost boy you fed a poisoned lie:
“Be ye Strong,
Son, do no wrong
To be vulnerable is weak..”

And now behold your god of man,
all broken up and sick!


(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido