#RandomMusingsbyJK: ‪‎Life Lessons at Tea Time‬

Random Musings by JulietKego#‎LifeLessonsAtTeaTime‬ Not everybody will be your cup of tea, just as it’ll be silly to think you can be everybody’s cup of tea. Focus on the tea you love, quit forcing yourself to casually taste (and even drink) all the other teas.

And do not serve or sell your brand of tea to everyone. Seek the ones who naturally love your flavour (or have over time, acquired a good taste for your tea). In fact, it is necessary to point out that not everyone actually likes tea! Don’t take it personal. Allow people the right to their choices, okay?

Plus, know when to serve it hot, lukewarm or iced. For those moments in life when you’re forced to have teas you can’t honestly stand, simply say NO or sip very, very slowly (or add lots of sugar, close your eyes and gulp the darn thing swiftly, the caveat is of course, over time the sugar may be very bad for your health).

However, the sooner you learn to say NO, YOU’ll encounter less of those unsavoury tea-time episodes…Develop the habit of saying yes or no from an authentic space. Clarity about your boundaries attract who and what you want into your spaces. Ambiguity messes up the resonance of your vibrational frequency and simultaneously brings in both gems and craps into your energetic field.  Lol 🙂 ~ @JulietKego


Sometimes, you stumble across lovely poetry and as you read on, you simply find your fingers have a life of their own and are clicking and sharing it with the world. A pretty poem. All who’ve been healed, untouched and burned by hot, tepid and cold love will resonate! Elan Mudrow, thanks for sharing this piece. ~@JulietKego


Your lover’s voice sounds like water Pounding upon rocks Filled to the brim with Polemics and counterpoints Swift, stabbing, centered Overcoming your line of defense Which was a fake calmness….that…

Source: Lukewarm

Random Musings: “What COURAGE really looks like” by Jason Gallardo.

(Culled from the Facebook page of Jason Gallardo on August 12, 2015)
Json Gallardo on Hos son's courage

‪#‎ThisIsCourage‬ #CelebratingUncommonCourage #EverydayPeople Some words make you go GBAM! And some reach deep into our soul-spirit and break down the walls of our heart and elevates our shared humanity.

To Jason Gallardo, I say thank you for sharing your truth and your son’s courage. It makes us all better, somehow, I think.

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Random Musings: An Insightful Post by Mary-Helen Nnadi

Compassion in action

#FavouriteFaceBookPost A huge thank you to Mary-Helen Nnadi for her beautiful post on Facebook. Definitely worth sharing…Some posts just make you go GBAM!
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❤ – Cyber-hugs, –@JulietKego

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