#123. Floetry by JulietKego: A Grave Conversation

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A Grave Conversation

Do not come to my graveside,

weeping in whispers

afraid he will hear

I am with you child, in every breath

Adanneya, Adannaya

Daughter of my heart,

custodian of my future,

I pray my words,

wrapped with the silken winds

blow gently, find you keeping well

I see your legs are beginning to swell;

him kicking softly on the inside,

him kicking coldly on the outside

you walking all day on tip toes

afraid of the looming contraction

thoughts run riot like unleashed foes


I know too of the hidden pains you fear

how you start at the sound of footsteps near

the wispy, pungent smell of a tout

the staggering walk of a lazy, waka ‘bout

do not come to my grave, nnennaya

I am with you child, n’ver far


Be still, daughter,

soon you will be free

of the pumping pain

from his heavy hand,

and his choking, collar’d band

never will you fall under

his raised fists again

the elders have spoken in thunder,

the dowry of cowry beads returned

your ancestors are preparing

his forced homecoming


First, let this pregnancy safely birth

souls gone before will see you through,

in your seed our memories live on

push through tears; tearing and bleeding

push with fire, as you would the enemy

who lays beside your pillows

breathe in fire, breathe out water

commune with me, nnem

as the midwives’ stitches,

thread through skin and lineage


Adorable Adaora,

Adanneya, Adannaya

daughter of my youth,

witness of my memories

proof of my earthly walk

go to the land of the spirits,

wrestle them down

go there a girl, return a woman

bearing two souls

the elders say when a child is born,

a mother is born too;

both beholding the other,

as new creatures of birth

Adaora, nnem

find your voice

drown the chatter of the world’s noise

live the truth bursting within your chest

nnem, only then, will I, your mother

reclaim my lost peace in an eternal rest.


(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

[Featured Image is used with express permission;
curtesy of Kree-Canadian artist – (c) Jackie Traverse].

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