#RandomMusings: Social Media Vacation, Tanking Economy and Finding Joy in Between…

Every once in a while I take a social media retreat. I reboot my social media platforms and start all over from the scratch to rebuild both my friends’ list and content. This period qualifies as one of my ‘once in a while.’ (Connect with me via email, phone, messenger etc.)

There’s a lot of economic hardship all over the land, and often this means more people flock to social media to escape the grind of reality. And it is easy for everyone to start pointing fingers, but that never solved anything. Please, be gentle with and empathetic towards people, most are dealing with different stressors, it just shows up join different ways. Be kind to yourself too. Both in the real and cyber-worlds.

Tough times don’t necessarily change us, they simply bring out what’s already latent in us. Make sure that when you get squeezed by life, only juices of love still flow out because at your core, you are molecules of love, created in the image of he who is love. Want to be happy regardless of your environmental challenges? SERVE and add more VALUE to yourself and others AND LOVE more. It is as simple and as complex as that.

No matter how ‘bad’ someone seems, learn to separate the person from their behaviour. There’s always a flicker of light in all of us. Everyone is capable of CHANGE. EVERYONE. So judge less and own your truth so that you illuminate the path within and around you. Dream wonderful dreams and co-create your unique destiny with God. Life is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Become more aware of what you’re manifesting through your conscious and unconscious thoughts, actions and words.

I’ve just completed a series of project reports involving 7 different pillars in our society. In different sectors: Religion, Entrepreneurship, Education, Banking, Arts etc. There are many beautiful lessons and each has taught me the power of the human spirit to rise above every storm. I ended up being very good friends with 5 of them, even collaborating on a social-development project with one, and the jury is still out on the last one. We hope and we pray…. in their own time, at their own pace…

In all of these, I’ve connected with some phenomenal men and women, especially wives, the unsung sheroes who dared to fight for love, for the sanctity of their homes, for clearer boundaries by holding their spouses accountable. In all hell breaking loose, they each discovered their heavens and these men rose to become the men they know them to be. All of these men were masters of their craft, successful in their businesses and superb with their use of words. And that is the crux.

You see, WORDS are powerful. Mystics and spiritual seeker know that to use sacred words of love with subterfuge to mislead or prey on the vulnerable unsettles the universe, because the universe came about through words. These projects were great lessons for me on accountability and responsibility, on standing in the gap for others and surrounding so others can stand in the gap for us too. In the end we are all inter-connected, of ONE being of one source.

In all of these, what has struck me is that when people own up to their truths without deceit or conceit, life opens up in incredible ways and the greatness within them begins to bloom. I am thankful for all the people I connected with over the past few years. I have new projects unfolding and I am excited at the possibilities all around. ‪Let us always be grateful for the opportunity to serve‬. From my team and I, thank you! Y’all know yourselves.

❤ Lots of Love, Cyber-hugs, JulietKego

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