#115. Floetry by JulietKego: Shattering The Silence

Shattering The Silence

Shattering the silence; For R.

The glass case splintered
And I thought her heart
Would break apart
Into nothingness
From the clawing
Lugubrious loneliness
I was here, there
And I was afraid
Of the quaking raid
I did not show my fear
It was a lump of brick
Choking me
Like a forced prick
Just before my throat
Raping my mouth; Killing me

Death; far and so near
I was standing there
When the glass coat
Housing her heart
Started shattering
Like a splattering
Of jagged ice and sleet
I slumped and knelt down
At her dainty feet,
In worship,
A lost sheep
Agitated; wired
I listened to her speak
And with each word
She teared,
And seared
With each sigh
Muffling a cry,
I felt a taut sword
With blades of regret
Blame and shame
Un-memories; forget
The past and see
With hope-like lens
Miracles of a Sunday mass
I saw! I saw! A butterfly
Emerging from the glass
Shattering the silence
Of generations parted
By reds of a painful sea
In the death of a lava
I finally found her
through the vagina
With an engorged vulva
A wobbly caterpillar
Becomes a Butterfly
Re-born, to fly…


(C) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido


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