#InspiredReading: A Poet’s Bible by David Rosenberg

#InspiredReading One of my dreams this year is to return to Jerusalem. It won’t be the first time. In fact, I’ve been to Jerusalem a couple of times and can attest to the poetry that exists in every inch of the city. in Africa, I had a similar experience in Botswana.
In these special places, there seems to be some unnamed beauty that calls my soul’s forgotten name. It is like every thought I have there becomes poetry…
The sacred-spiritual-sensuality of poetry has always fascinated me and i find myself drawn to only poetry that evokes all these senses at once.
Anyway, I digress, this post is about a book I’m reading now. I am ecstatic to start off the new year with David Rosenberg’s A POET’S BIBLE. I read a few pages of this remarkable book on a plane ride, after borrowing to from a fellow passenger.
I was enthralled and started devouring the words 9for lack of a better expression). I tend  to read really fast, however, this was a very voluminous book!
And by the time the plane touched down, in the flurry of disembarking, I’d somehow forgotten to write down the title of the book and the name of author. It became the gnawing, not-quite-clear, beautiful experience and memory.
This was until I recently walked into a book sale CoverNotes Coffee house in Richmond Hill and viola! A Poet’s Bible…
And then, a new writing mentor also recommends the book in an email earlier today, (he saw the book as a great fit for the style of floetry I write (and hope to continue writing) . Music to these ears1 :-).
A bit from the introduction of A POET’S BIBLE; “With vivid metaphor, Rosenberg delves into the core of each biblical book.
The Bible’s poetry has been translated as prose for centuries, usually by clerics and scholars indifferent to the provocative wordplay and imagery of the original Hebrew poet.
The evocative and engaging poetry in a Poet’s Bible will allow the secular reader to n grasp this great classic in modern term.”
*David Rosenberg is a poet, essayist and biblical scholar. He is the best known and most widely sought after translator of the bible in our time.
A Poet’s Bible is my recommended #WWNInspiredReading pick for January 2016. Enjoy!
P.S: Some of the works of the great Khalil Gibran will be our picks for the remaining months of this first quarter.
 ♥ Cyber-hugs,
Juliet Kego |The Reminderist™
(You may also find me here: http://www.wholewomannetwork.org)

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