#55. Floetry by JulietKego: The Saddest Note We Ever Heard.


Saddest Note

The Saddest Note We Ever Heard


The choir hummed a halting hymn
The organist played a pretty note
And we all waited for her to sing
And yet the only lyrics
That escaped her dry, parched tongue

Was a silent, solemn and selfish cry
That her hellish life may cease
That she may not awake to the wail
of her mother’s weeping today
As she holds a malnourished, pale,
lifeless child, at a breast bereft of milk
That she may not dig yet another grave
For siblings who disappear into the night
That she may not yet behold
the anguished face of her father,
on his way through the mountain’s cold
To sell off this daughter over again
for some bags of wheat, grains and fine silk
Yes, the music in her world is a fragile note indeed
And in each chord is buried, hidden notes in the hills
That she rise in dignity with the mountain
when she wakes up to the sun tomorrow
and not be sunk in a deep despairing well of sorrow
That the soldier whose cock un-corked
in her yesterday, took his bullet-seeds along
Her silent song lights up a flicker of light,
a lonely, small yet mighty voice of hope
That someday, she may sleep on dreams
to the sounds of her soul’s music and soft voices
Far away from the endless jarring nightmares
of banging bullets, grenades and harsh voices
Yes, the choir hummed a halting hymn
The organist played a pretty note
And we all waited for her to sing
Her tears carried all the music in her heart
And as we sat, listening to her weep
it was the saddest note we’d ever heard.


(c) Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido (All rights reserved).

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