#RandomMusings – Finding that special one that fits perfectly!

‪#‎RandomMusings‬ by JulietKego: Maka Chukwu! I honestly did not set out to get him. I was walking and facing forward jejeli. Minding my own business. No aproko spirit in the air. No amebo or tatafo energy anywhere around. The gbegborun spirit had been quenched at night vigil the day before.

That Fada sabi do anointing and say correct prayers sha o (that one na correct story for another day! Hian, since this new handsome priest come to our parish, all the mothers and young girls don dey come receive communion. I no go lie jare, even me dey hear and understand the Word better now. E be like say Redemption get fine face o). Lol.

Anyway back to my Tori. Eh henn I was doing my daily walks in the mall like usual (Truth be told, I fell off the wargon for a while now, but this body must hot like Cameroun pepper by Easter of next year. E be like I go dey Television well well next year). Anyway, as I was saying, all of a sudden I see him hanging on her lifeless form.

So I thought: what nonsense. Correct looking thing like this should be on a living-breathing woman (insert my name here). I finished my walk and decided to wait o. Right in front of his dormot. Soon, the time to open up all the stores came and you better believe I was the first person in.

Told the salesgirl to take him off that mannequin, so I can try him on. Ahhh haha. E no reach 3 minutes, I don swipe card. As in, immediate decision. Love at first sight no ni.

This bobo knows how to hold a woman joor. Na so he package all my Ikebe in very ghenghen order, And even flattened this my one-pack belly with style. His colour was just gbam. Too much! Dark to my fair skin. We jel like ogbono soup and kpomo. His length nko? It was perfect for me. Not all those Ajasco, MJ-type, open-mouth for calves or before ankles type.

He was kissing the floor I walked on. Holding me firmly but not too tight or loose. Just perfectly so. And with each step, I heard him whispering in my ears: ‘Walk for me baby, strut your stuff!’ Me too dey whisper back to him: “17, 18, 19, Bobo!”  🙂

My people, una see me see wahala o. Na so o! I go do exercise with track suit and came back home in jeans. This is is the story of how I bought a perfect pair of dark, blue, stretch jeans! Jules

One thought on “#RandomMusings – Finding that special one that fits perfectly!

  1. Well Crafted. Amazingly great from a bright mind; deep thinker; a beautiful woman; an educator – my virtual TRACHER


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