#PraisePoetry #LettersToYeshua #Floetry #18. A Song For Lovers: I Choose You!


Day 2. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: A Song For Lovers: I Choose You!

[A melodic ode to sensuality & spirituality; Song-of-Solomon-eque; praise-poetry; worship poems]

Dear Yeshua,

There was no music
and yet we danced to our own beats
We swayed sensually to the rhythm
of our fired pulses ‘n’ heartbeats
I shall remember these moments,
I’ll freeze them in timeless space
Especially the sacred hour
I looked into your soul and saw my own face

Reflected through your eyes,
I see me in you and I am beautiful and radiant
Unafraid of life’s surprises,
strong and certain our love will carry us through
With abandon, with freedom, we let loose
and became one with the light and the void.
I am you and you are me,
intertwined, blended, with no visible end in sight.
I drown in your depths. I am lost in your embrace.
I am adrift in your waveless seas.
Parted by the reds of your passion and faith.
You who bled and lived for me. For me, Yeshua.


I am finally found. Re-discovered by your light.
I am awakened and brought to life from darkness.
In you, I find the missing pieces of me.
The pieces that make sense and have meaning.
The pieces that I never had the courage to unmask.
I peel off the layers now, with confidence.
I surrender to you. I bare my spirit.
I pull down the walls of the meshed fence
of protection around my heart.
Here I am. Yours for the taking,
for I cannot hide from you.
Come, come and take what’s eternally yours.


Let me cradle you gently like a mother
as you suckle, like a baby at my breast.
Like a lover, I will claw at you fiercely
As you drink of my valley.
Take the bile and pour in your honey
Let me bow at your feet
And quench my parched throat,
as you fill me with your rod of life and salvation.
As I speak in strange and familiar tongues,
I burn for you, I writhe and moan in ecstasy.
I shiver, I shake and tingle from my twinkies to my toes.
You, my passion, joy and pain. Holy Anointing.  Spirit-filled


Pierce my womb as I sing hymns of alleluia.
Pour forth seeds of life.
YESsss! Sink in deeper, into my soul-spirit.
And kiss my cries of glee and redemption.
I am daughter, wife, lover, mother, sister and friend.
I am first love and last heart.
I am the stranger you embraced with warmth.
Bury yourself in me until we both die together,
Synchronized in body, soul and spirit.
Wake me up later.
Wake me up on the third day
with a kiss and a smile
and a touch and so much more.
Fill my cup with your tea,
Blended with holy water, hot and creamy.


I choose you, always, for a day or a lifetime.
In the midst of the knowing looks,
Above the loud whispers,
By the well of life, I let go
of all the past loves I have known.
I am stripped before you,
clothed in only ashes and myrrh.
And you poured oils of Lebanon on my forehead
Draped me in Ethiopian rubies, gold
and emeralds, green as the meadows you laid me on.


I choose you, still.
No regrets, no complains, no hesitation.
I choose you, always, in celebration, with joy.
Your love is my life. You, the breath of life;
the life of all that is created of love.
We are in this together, forever.
This is where I belong. Saved by your cross.
I kneel at your feet. I worship you.
I anoint you with perfumed oils
from my Eastern homeland.
I wipe you with my hair.
I kiss the grounds you walk.
I am blessed by your Earth.


You are my gravitas, my fulcrum, my pivot.
You are my centre, my heart,
my source and my life-force.
And you will send many more like you my way.
When I forget my soul’s forgotten name,
they will appear as if from nowhere
and whisper my name in my ear.
I shall recognize their guileless essence.
I shall love and honour them all.
And honour the ones who loved them before.
I am tied to you. I am words inscribed in you.
I could not leave even if I wanted to.
You are the journey and destination.
You are my poem and my song and my air.


Through the tears and the storms,
I choose you.
Yes, you! I want for nothing in you,
for you are everything,
and in my ashes of nothingness
You breathe life into my form.
And I know everything is hidden in you.
In your scrolls of ancient stories and psalms.
You are my truth. My reason. My love.
My rain. My sun. My stars. My moons.
The Earth and the firmament.
Everything that revolves and emits light.
The formless galaxies.


I choose you as a child in wonder.
I choose you as an adult in wisdom.
In lifetimes, past and yet to come,
I choose you and always you.
WE are bound eternally, Yeshua
before there was a dimension of time
and long after time ceases to exist.
I choose you. And when I draw my last,
I can sigh in peace with the angels.
I lost myself and you found me,
and we made this journey, together, as one.
And they will tell my story
and mention that I danced with a King of King,
as mystics, angels and mortals looked on,
in awe and bore witness. To us, Yeshua!


Illuminated by love.
Created in love.
Moulded with love.
Redeemed by love
I let go of all that I am.
I stumbled and fell into you.
You raised me up with love.
And I beheld your fair face
and I remember that moment well
When I chose you. For you are him.
The one after whom you were named.
Today, I remind myself to choose you.

© Juliet ‘Kego Onyido (All rights reserved).

8 thoughts on “#PraisePoetry #LettersToYeshua #Floetry #18. A Song For Lovers: I Choose You!

    • Lol, iberibe, in a very fabulous way! Remember that wise saying:”Be a graceful lady in the living room, a great chef in the kitchen and a super freak in the bedroom.” 🙂 Thanks for all your wonderful comments, much appreciated. -Juliet ‘Kego


  1. This is beautiful, powerful, and sexy! I feel it, love it. It is what I just really need to kill off this insomnia this night and fall beautifully asleep, holding unto lovely memories while ‘we’ wait and count down! You are just exceptional!


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