#RandomMusings Elnathan John’s Born on a Tuesday sheds some light on the Northern Experience (Almajiri, Fundamentalism, Faith, Family….)

Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan JohnBetween my dear friend Adaobi Nkeokelonye’s heart-tugging and brave chronicles of the IDPs in the North and Elnathan John’s new book ‘Born on a Tuesday’, I can confess that I know more now about a part of my homeland and the lives of many of our brothers and sisters than I ever did before.

Perhaps, we are divided because we do not take the time to really get to know one another, to understand the basis of our seeming differences and intolerance, beyond the re-telling of past scars and skewed projections of the media.
To build a lasting neurology of empathy and to be able to change/transform others, we must be willing to enter and understand their model of the world (even when we do not agree or support it in any way). I think that this may be what HE came to teach us – Via Dolorosa; the true way of the cross.
Courageous Books and sharing OPEN, honest stories, (when told from a place of sincerity and truth), will do more for us than all the vile stereotypes and hate-filled propaganda. In our stories, we begin to see the common threads and shreds of our humanity; that we’re no different after all.
I applaud, respect and revere writers and field workers who dare to go there, (into the very dark and light-filled spaces of their hearts), and bring us stories and characters that make us re-think our long-held perceptions/perspectives and act differently, based on our new awareness.
P.S: Read Elnathan John’s Born on a Tuesday. I highly recommend it. It will illuminate you on the experiences and mindset of the often forgotten Almajiri, seeds of fundamentalism, faith in a multi-cultural/multi-faith society, the politics of poverty, the deeply layered concepts of family and nationhood etc.

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